The Reason Why Female Empaths Have a Hard Time Finding the Right Man

The Reason Why Female Empaths Have a Hard Time Finding the Right Man

Being a girl and an empath is not that easy. In fact, it can be incredibly challenging for most men, since they can’t handle being around an empath. Empaths are amazing people, but what they can do is just not acceptable for some people.

Dating an empath can put a huge strain on the relationship from the very beginning. That is why you can either handle or avoid an empath. This makes it difficult for female empaths to find the right man. This is why men are afraid of dating an empath.

1. They Are Too Honest

Empaths never hide the truth, even if it means hurting the one they love. These are the kind of people who are always forward and have no hidden intentions. This can be problematic for someone who wants to ‘’sugar coat things ‘’.

2. They Need Freedom

There is no possible way for you to cage an empath. If you do, you will drive them away.

3. They Take Things Too Seriously

Empaths feel emotions on a much deeper level than some people. They know how others exactly feel, even if they don’t say it.

4. They Love Unconditionally

Empaths are dedicated lovers who also expect love in return. But, some people are not ready for something so serious. That is why they often run away.

5. They Crave Emotional Satisfaction

Empaths need both emotional and physical satisfaction. Without either of them, they can’t be happy.

6. They Expect Their Partner to Be Reliable

Not everyone is reliable. But, if you are in a relationship with an empath, she expects you to be someone she can rely on. So, if you want to remain in a relationship with a female empath, don’t be late for dates and always answer her calls.

7. They Know What They Want

Female empaths want to love and someone who will always be there for them in the most difficult times. If you are not it, they will not stay with you.

8. They Hate Short-Term Relationships

Empaths always want a relationship that will last. If the relationship doesn’t look promising, she will leave.

9. They Are Intense

Some empaths can’t stand feeling others’ emotions. Deep down they want to destroy the connection with the people around them so they will have time to relax. That is why female empaths can often be intense.

10. They Ask a Lot of Questions

Empaths want to know everything since they care deeply about people. So, from time to time, they feel like they have the need to interrogate all the time.

11. They Are Misunderstood

Most people don’t understand what an empath is going through. They find it difficult to picture how anyone can feel someone’s energy. They simply don’t get it. That is why they end up arguing with each other.

12. They See The Best and Worst In You

Female empaths can read people. That is why they always see the best and worst in everyone. If you are thinking of dating a female empath, know that she isn’t someone you can control. If you have a bad reputation, she will know to stay away.

But, if she gets to know you, she will see the good in you.