10 Things Only Alphas Do, and They Aren’t Even Aware Of It

You Are Doing These 10 Things Because You Are An Alpha, And You Aren't Even Aware Of It

Many people do not like admitting that they are alphas because people think alphas are bossy and aggressive. But, alphas should not be ashamed of that, since it is not true. In fact, congrats! In the article, we offer ten things alphas do because of their personality.

1. Not Wasting Time

Since you are an alpha, you do not like wasting time, effort, or words. You always get to the point, and people around you love you or hate you, but you do not even care. You tend to leave people knowing where they stand with you.

2. Believing in Actions

Believe in words it is not your thing. When someone promises you help, you expect them to keep their promise. Since you are a person that shows up when you say you will, you expect the same from the rest of the people.

3. Comfortable Alone

You are a person that is not afraid of being alone and missing out on things. Doing your own thing is completely okay with you. Spending time on social media during the day and checking out what others are doing is not your thing.

Also, staying home during the weekend and watching movies instead of going to a party where “everyone else” is, does not bother you because you are feeling comfy in your own skin.

4. Keeping Promises

If you say that you will help someone, you do your best in order to keep that promise. You never allow yourself to be distracted by other things you have to do because you commit to something, you get the job done.

5. Not Many Friends

When it comes to friendships, you have a few friends because you are very comfy in your own skin. Expecting others to keep their promises leaves you with a small circle of friends who are loyal and believe in the same things as you do.

All you need are just a few people who will be good and trustworthy. You would not choose 300 Facebook friends and a little book filled with names. You are more about quality, not quantity.

6. Hanging Out With Yourself

Some people cannot have fun without friends, but you are a person that enjoys being alone. Reading books, driving alone in a car, listening to music, drawing, or any other activities keep you happy enough even alone.

7. Low Maintenance

Being an alpha means you are a person that does not like spending money on luxury things. You do not care about the latest trends, hottest clubs, best cars, etc. You know what you like, and you do not need what the rest of the world “must-have.”

8. You Are Never Bored

Boredom? What is that? You are a person that never gets bored! You always do something, and when you have extra free time you are working on achieving your goals.

You do not care about what may happen, you just enjoy the journey while you are trying to reach your aim.

9. Other People’s Opinion Are Not Important

Living your life by your own rules is definitely your thing. What others are saying does not mean anything to you. Also, you are very busy to have time to worry about what others may think.

10. Soulmate

Since you are an alpha, you are your own soulmate. You are your own best friend and true love. You are never in search of a partner that will help you be a complete person.

When you will find someone who gets you and accepts you as you are, then, you will commit, otherwise, you are happy by being with yourself.