4 Disadvantages of Being an Empath No One Talks About

4 Dark Sides of Being an Empath No One Talks About

What does it mean to be an empath? Well, it means being able to feel we’re going through the same thing another person is experiencing. These people are highly sensitive and can feel everything, sometimes even too much.

They can absorb people’s emotions, both positive and negative. These extraordinary abilities of empaths come naturally. In a way, their brain tricks them into believing they are going through the same experience as the person they are watching.

That’s because the same brain’s region responsible for that precise activity work in both of them. At least, that’s how some people explain the incredible abilities of empaths.

Empaths feel everything without talking about those feelings. They see the world through their strong intuition. These people live in harmony with the world and always give to others. They are always there to listen to and help their friends.

You probably see all of these abilities of empaths as their gift. But, there are two sides of the coin for them. While they make others feel safe and understood, they get stressed from dealing with the emotions of all those people.

Here are a few reasons why being an empath has a dark side.

4 Dark Sides of Being an Empath

1. Even though empaths can feel both, positive and negative emotions at the same time, they are usually more sensitive to the negative ones. They get overwhelmed by every emotion, so you can imagine how negativity in life affects them on a psychological level.

2. Empaths have a deep and profound understanding of life and human existence. That’s why they are more vulnerable to the negativity that exists in this world than others.

They are overloaded with emotions and feelings which are not even their own and realize that negativity exists only to hurt people. Still, it’s in their nature to save other people from their pain by making it their own.

And, the burden they have to carry all the time makes them suffer without anyone knowing.

3. These sensitive people are often tired or emotionally exhausted. That’s another price they have to pay for their natural “gift.” They always observe and feel everything around them. It’s not rare when they ignore their own needs and desires just to help others.

They do this by listening to them and absorbing their negative emotions. In that way, they heal others but “poison” themselves. This ignorance of their own needs and desires over the years can make them feel like they need to recover their soul.

4. Empaths are in constant conflict between the good, the darkness, and the sadness. But, since they are more sensitive to negative emotions, sadness will prevail and could lead them to self-destruction.

That’s why they have to learn how to distinguish between their true emotions and give them a priority, and the ones that overwhelm them.

Final Words

The only way empaths can prevent the dark side of their unique personality from taking over their life is to stop giving too much of themselves to every person in their life. They should realize that coping with everyone’s emotions is not their obligation.

It’s time to let their empathic side do good for their own lives as well.

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