How to Become a Lion Among Sheep with 10 Daily Routines

10 Daily Rituals You Should Practice If You Want To Be A Lion In A World Full Of Sheep

Nowadays our society is full of sheep. Humans are sensitive to everything. We live in a world in which people need their safe zones because they often feel hurt. If there is something they do not like, they complain.

They think that life is not fair just to them. They tend to blame everyone else but themselves. But, if people want to stand tall in the crowd, they need to be a lion. Lions are those who are successful.

They have accomplishments in life. Maybe they were once sheep too, but now they are lions, and they fight for what they want. Here, we offer ten rituals people should do every day if they want to be a lion in a world full of sheep.

1. Get Up Before Sunrise

There are a lot of people who just wake up in the morning and immediately go to work. Then, they need a lot of time to be productive, and then comes lunch, and they are again unproductive.

But, lions get up before the sun rises, and what others achieve throughout the whole day, a lion achieves that by 9 am. They do this on the weekends too; they do not care about partying and staying up all night.

2. Take a Cold Shower

Lions take cold showers while others do not care about it. They are aware that no matter if the weather is cold or hot, the cold shower will make them stronger.

Cold showers relieve you from stress and improve your energy levels. Maybe it will be hard, but lions always take a cold shower, and they do not care if others think of them as crazy.

3. Spend One Hour on Reading

If you want to be a lion, you need to improve each day. You should read 50-60 books on everything per year. Sheep usually read one book in a year, and they do not listen to audiotapes in their car.

They would not think of reading a book. But, a true lion is aware that he must apply the learned knowledge. He is a reader and does not find excuses.

4. Complete Your Daily Chores

Each night, a lion takes a notebook or a piece of paper and writes down what he needs to do, so he is prepared in the morning. No one can stop him from achieving what he has decided to achieve. He is all about action; he would not procrastinate.

5. No Wasting Time

If you do not want to be a sheep, you should not spend hours and hours in front of your TV or phone. Lions stay away from the TV. Lions use their phones only when it is about business

Also, while most people spend a lot of time on social media, lions spend that time doing chores, and they are becoming stronger and faster. Lions have no idea of what is going on in the world because they are focused on their own life and goals.

6. Consume Healthy Foods

If you want to be a lion, you need to be careful what you eat. Sheep do not care about the food they take; they would just eat everything without being aware of what may happen to their health.

Lions plan their meals; they know when to take a break and eat. They eat foods that will give them focus and energy.

7. Regular Exercise

Lions do not go a day without exercise. But, sheep never exercise. Lions like having a program for exercising because they know the importance of strengthening your body and mind.

And, even when lions do not like to hit the gym, they just force themselves. It is a way in which a lion becomes stronger.

8. Following Their Goals

Lions do not like working for someone else. While sheep are afraid and worry about what other people think of them, lions take action. Lions do not let fears stop them. They follow their dreams without being afraid of failure.

They would like to spend their lives chasing their dreams, not creating the dreams of someone else. And, every day, a lion is much better at his skill than yesterday. We all have a passion, and we need to follow it if we want to be lions.

9. Show Them Why They Are the Beast

Each of us wants to be a beast till it is time to do what a beast is supposed to do. While sheep are afraid to take a risk, lions are always ready for it. Sheep tend to delay things, leave them for tomorrow.

But, when a lion smells the fear his killing instinct turns on. Lions do not believe in the perfect moment; they live in the present. While sheep are out at a party during the weekend, a lion is working on his craft.

10. Get Out of Comfort Zone

If you want to be a lion you need to do something that scares you. Instead of meditating for 20 minutes, take 10. Get out of your comfort zone because that way you will grow.

Sheep tend to stay in their comfort zone, and that is why they cannot become stronger. Lions like doing things they have never done, and visiting places they have never seen. They are the winners in the world.