People Who Cry During Movies are Emotionally Strong?

Crying During a Movie Means You Are Strong!

Maybe we do not remember the first time we shed a tear over a movie, but sure we remember the last. Anyway, we should not be ashamed to admit that we cry while watching movies. In fact, it is a positive thing if we burst into tears during a movie.

People who do that possess something, we are talking about empathy. For those who do not know what empathy is, it is being able to recognize and understand a person’s situation, motivations, and feelings.

It is similar to being able to put yourself in the place of others or to see things from others’ points of view. Anyway, there are many people who are not capable of feeling for other people. So, only a special person has empathy. (1)

But, that is not all. Being an empath does not mean you are weak, on the contrary, it means you are very strong. To be capable of feeling other people’s feelings requires a lot of strength.

You are strong enough for yourself and the others. For this reason, do not be ashamed for crying about someone you care even if it is a fictional character. As some studies reveal, about 92 percent of humans have shed a tear over at least one movie.

In fact, movies are made to have an impact on our emotions, and they achieve it. Apparently, it is not only our fault we cry during a movie.

What Happens When We Cry?

When we are watching movies that are extremely emotional, our body releases the hormone oxytocin. This hormone has the role of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Also, according to the neuroeconomist, Paul J. Zak, oxytocin makes us more sensitive. There are a lot of situations in which the hormone motivates us to help others who need help.

Well, watching a movie that will make us laugh and cry is a good thing for our brain. It will inspire us to bring positivity to our lives and other people’s lives.

However, even when we cry during a movie when it is over, we get back to reality and know that it was only a movie. So, we quickly recover from it. And, that is one more good side of these people.

Those who cry and are able to make a distinction between reality and fiction are strong and smart. They know how to calm down even when their emotions are all over them.

Other Reasons for Crying During a Movie

Sometimes, people cry over a movie because they have been in the character’s shoes before. They know how it feels, for example, to lose a mother, to have a broken heart, etc. So, these tears people experience are tears shed due to memories and pain.

On the other hand, there are people who do not cry because of some emotional scene, but something else. Interestingly enough, there are people who feel overwhelmed due to the artistic genius of a film.

The name of this condition is Stendhal Syndrome. (2) It happens when art has a huge impact on you when it moves you, and you experience physical and emotional symptoms.

Besides being the result of pain, tears may happen due to excessive joy and happiness as well. That is why we need tissues when watching even a happy movie. Also, it is good to know that crying is good because it reduces stress, and improves our mood.

While on the other hand, withholding out tears and not crying increases the stress. So, this has a negative impact on our physical health. Additionally, tears maintain our eyesight by lubricating our eyelids and eyeballs.

We would not be able to see without them. Here, we offer you a list of the saddest movies of 2017. So, if you like crying, just pick one.

All in all, since crying is good never feel ashamed to admit that you cried last night while watching a movie.