10 Comebacks That Will Help Us Deal With Rude People

10 Comebacks That Will Help You Deal With Rude People

Besides having love relationships with families, friends, bosses, and spouses, people may have even hate relationships. They are capable of being the nicest people in one moment, and the next one, they may say something bad and hurt our feelings.

So, we end up with anger and have an urge to react negatively. When people say/ask something like “Wow, you have got so much bigger,” “Why don’t you get a boyfriend,” “When do you plan to find a job,” etc., can annoy you, but only if you permit it.

Usually, people say things before they think about them, and that may cause problems if someone gets offended. Everyone has a right to defend themselves, but keep in mind that you should choose a nice, polite, and positive way to express your thoughts.

It is not always easy to find the proper reply to rudeness. The next time when your mother-in-law talks about your weight, or your boss gives you tasks than usual; you may consider the following replies.

1. Express Gratitude, Say “Thank You”

When you meet someone rudely, expressing gratitude is an excellent way to deal with them. Saying “Thank you,” means you are mature enough not to let their words affect you, and not to ignore them.

Expressing thankfulness means you are respecting someone’s opinion. Anyway, your gratitude means you accept their rudeness, but you do not allow them to have an effect on you. This way you will show the other person that they cannot offend you.

You are the one who chooses how to react, so you should always go for happiness. Your thoughts and actions will be filled with positivity, and you will prove that other people’s words do not have any power over you.

2. Express Appreciation, Say “I appreciate your point of view.”

This is a smart approach that shows you are all about talking in a grown-up way, and you do not like to get to their level. People who tend to give impolite comments are insecure with themselves, remember that.

Even though they would like to make you feel bad, you should not permit them. You should show these people that you prefer leading a conversation with respect and dignity.

And, they may have bigger respect towards you if you choose to reach in an adult way. Anyway, if this is not helping you can choose the next tip.

3. Put an End, Say “We are done talking.”

If someone makes you feel very angry, and you are unable to give a nice response, you should just put an end to the conversation. If you lose control, you may say something, and the relationship may come to an end.

But, when the situation is too bad, you do not want to disrespect yourself by accepting their point of view. You should decide to respect yourself and keep your pride by ending the conversation.

4. Ask a Question Like “Why do you think you needed to say that, do you expect an answer?”

When you ask this kind of a question when someone says something to offend you, you will keep them under control. They expect an angry response from your side, but they will see that you are calm and prepared to talk about things in a decent way.

And, they will get a chance to say they were sorry in front of the people they offended you. People should know that you do not tolerate impolite or unnecessary comments or questions.

If people answer affirmatively on the second question, you can say just “Then, this is not your lucky day.”

5. Be a Little Bit Sarcastic, Say “You almost hurt me.”

By saying this with a little sarcasm, you show the other person that you do not let their negativity affect you. Also, it is a way to deal with someone in a grown-up way, and when they realize they cannot hurt you, they would not say anything else.

6. Make Them Believe They Are Right, Say “You are right.”

Although it is hard for most people to say these words, it is helpful because it lets the other person think they were right and the conversation will end sooner. Maybe you will not get great satisfaction after saying this, but the other person will not enjoy your irritation as well.

7. Make Them Think, Say “You are always after negativity, aren’t you?”

Using this phrase you get them to think more about what they have said, and they would think better in the future. Also, the attention focus is now on them. It is okay to say what you mean when someone tries to offend you.

Their negative behavior probably affects other people as well, and when you say what you mean, they may become aware of their own toxic attitude.

8. Express Love, Say “I love you, and I love myself.”

This phrase should be used only with your friends, family, and partner. You should not use it with your boss because the conversation may go in another direction.

Kindness is the way to shut down negativity that is why this response needs to be on this list. Other people’s negative comments stay meaningless when you express your love.

They may also not be used for that kind of comment so that you may surprise them, and they would not be able to give a proper reply. Positive words are powerful enough to spread positive energy around.

9. Paraphrase Their Comment, “Excuse me, did you say…?”

When you choose to use this sentence and rephrase what they said by mentioning your disbelief, you may make the other person see that their statement was inappropriate.

10. Be Happy, Just Laugh

When you respond with a laugh to a rude comment, the offender will feel ashamed of their own sentence. For example, if some of your relatives mention your loss of a job, just laugh.

This way, you will make the situation not serious, and you show that you do not allow others to have an effect on your life. After all, you are the one in control. You should always choose the right way to respond to rudeness, never allow yourself to act as they do.