What Children are so Afraid of Based on Their Age

What Children Are so Afraid of Based on Their Age

We are not the only ones with fears and worries, children have them too. Therapists say that their worries, fears, and concerns depending on their age. In fact, there are different stages of development.

So, why do children worry? As every parent knows, children have different temperaments.

Some are more relaxed while others are more angry, anxious, and cry a lot. But, when anxiety affects a child’s emotional, cognitive, and social development, it is important to take care of it.

Notice the clues and ask a doctor or a psychologist for help.

The reason why some children are anxious is that of the pace that their brain starts to develop. When this happens, the child is trying to interpret and understand a huge amount of external and internal stimuli like places, environment, things, and emotions.

This is the reason why some children may throw a tantrum. In fact, when a parent can’t understand what a child wants, the child may become frustrated and overreact.

Note: If you think your child has anxiety and it affects their emotional, social, and cognitive development, make sure to contact a therapist or a psychologist. Otherwise, anxiety has the potential to become a psychological disorder.

What Worries Toddlers and Infants ( 0-2 Years )

Here is what’s behind their worries.

1. Loud Noises

Loud noises can affect a baby. Since their brain is super sensitive to sensory information, it can’t handle an overload. Incredibly loud noises can startle them and force their brain to go on high alert.

2. Losing Control

When a baby learns to walk, it starts to feel independent. This feeling gives them a need to take control of their environment. In other words, anything that is outside of their control can scare them, like thunder or a honking car.

3. Being Away From Their Parents

To babies, being away from their parents even for 5 hours seems like it is forever. If they don’t see their parents for some time, they will think the parents completely vanished. Why? Because they love you and love being around you.

Kindergarten / Preschool ( 3-5 Years)

Here is what’s behind their worries.

1. People Dressed In Costumes

Some costumes look scary to them. Children at this age do not feel comfortable with anything that looks unfamiliar to them. Most of the time, a big man in a red costume with a weird hat and bushy beard definitely looks scary.

2. Staying Alone At Night / Fear of the Dark

It is very difficult for children at this age to separate reality from fantasy. For a child, darkness is scary, and they think something will crawl into their room.

Children ( 6-11 Years Old)

Here is what’s behind their worries.

1. Being Rejected

Children learn that the world is truly vast. So, they want to become a part of a group and find friends. Since we humans are social by nature, it is understandable why we want to try to be more accepted by the majority.

2. Staying Home Alone

It is difficult for children to learn to cope with this world without their father or mother. That is why they end up imagining scary scenarios that will never happen.

3. Losing a Loved One

Children at this age can’t deal with losing someone. That is why they start imagining some unusual fantasies to somehow deal with the fear.

Adolescents ( 12+)

Here is what’s behind their worries.

1.Their Personal Appearance

Children finally understand the importance of communicating and interacting with people. Once they realize who they are and what they want to be, they will change.

2. Their Grades

They understand the consequences and start to fear failure. Children who are focused on obtaining achievements, are especially hard on themselves when they get a bad score.

3. Being Honest

Children at this age are afraid of being honest with you. The best thing you can do is try to be there and always deal with the situation calmly.