Can We Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones?

How To Change Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones - Cognitive Reframing

Not all that happens in our life has meaning. In fact, we are the ones who give meaning to things and see the situation from a specific point of view. With the help of cognitive re-framing, we are able to change our point of view and change how we experience things.

In that way, we would be able to apply the ancient rule that we cannot control what happens to us, but we can have control over our reactions. The change starts when we learn how to control our thoughts. (1)

Actually, our thoughts about a certain situation are more significant than the situation itself.

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

As you know, we are what we think. If we spend time thinking about bad things, worry over everything, fearing many things, then our mind is concentrated only on those things. So, in order to avoid leading a negative life, we need to learn how to get rid of negative thoughts.

Since negative thinking exhausts us, it takes away our energy; we need to train our minds how to think about things we want instead of what we do not want. Moreover, there are two tips in which we can remove negative thoughts.

The first step is to know the importance of negative thinking, and the second step is to know when negative thinking is happening to us.

However, we are unable to avoid negative thoughts completely, they sometimes just came to our mind. But, we need to be aware when they pop up and do something about it. Here are techniques that may help you in eliminating negative thoughts:

1. Turn Your Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones

When it happens to you to be worried about something that may go wrong, you should concentrate and think about what could be good. A human’s mind can think only one thought at a time, so focusing on a positive thought eliminates the negative. (2)

You need to remember that sticking to negative thinking does not lead you anywhere. On the other hand, trying to focus on positive thinking reduces stress and allows you to lead a happier life.

2. Remember: Negative Thought is Just a Thought

An essential thing for you to remember is that negative thoughts are only thoughts. They do not have a meaning unless we give them one. Also, negative thoughts become powerful only when you pay them a lot of attention and let them walk in the halls of your mind. (3)

So, you need to catch a negative thought before it gets too comfortable and ruin your life. Release the positive thoughts, and be happy.

3. Meditation as a Way of Lowering Negative Thoughts

Meditation is very helpful because it allows us to observe our thoughts and take control of them. For some of you, meditation may sound boring, but there are many ways in which you can meditate and feel amused, instead of bored.

Few More Tips on Overcoming Negative Thinking

  • Practice Yoga;
  • Smile even when you do not want to;
  • Be in the company of positive people;
  • Take responsibility, do not be the victim;
  • Help someone in need;
  • Keep in mind that perfection does not exist, and move on;
  • Sing to release stress;
  • Be grateful (make a list of things you are thankful for);
  • Take time and read positive quotes.