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12 Things That Happen During A Full Moon?

12 Surprising Things That Happen During A Full Moon

When it comes to the full moon, there are many superstitions and tales about it, such as the classic werewolf stuff. It does not matter if people believe in these superstitions; it has been revealed in many studies that the full moon has an impact on people and animals. Although some data sometimes are inexplicable, […]

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A Christmas-Themed Puzzle! See The Panda?

A Christmas-Themed Puzzle! Can You Spot The Panda?

The illustration went viral after leaving everyone confused. Gregerly Dudas is a Hungarian artist who made the drawing with a Christmas theme and shared it on his profile. Gregerly informed his followers that among the numerous Christmassy snowmen there is a panda. He asked them if they were able to see it. Thousands of people […]

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