6 Ways to Train Our Subconscious Mind for Positive Thinking

6 Ways To Train Our Subconscious Mind For Positive Thinking

Numerous studies show that our mood is directly connected to our physical and mental health. Positive thinking means better internal vibration, so optimists can attract more positive things in their life.

Still, staying positive in a world full of negative people is not always easy. To achieve that, we need to train our brain, and in this article, we will provide you with 6 ways to do that (1).

1. Retrain Your Subconsciousness

If you have any negativity inside you, the first step is to reveal it and let it go. You might have experienced tough things in your past, but these things are only dragging you down and preventing you from reaching your potential.

To reach those parts inside you, try tapping and neuro-linguistic programming. These are exercises that will help you build a supportive and positive belief system.

Similar exercises are meditation and hypnotherapy. The goal is to face the problems that have been stuck inside you for so long and finally release them.

2. Positivity Attracts More Positivity

Have you ever felt really good after doing something nice for another person? That’s because helping people by doing even small things for them can break your negative attitude and improve your mood instantly.

Your negative periods will become so much shorter if you do kind things for people all the time. You can do this when you feel sad or anxious. Believe us, you will feel so much better after that.

3. Concentrate on Things That Make You Happy

Focusing your attention on things and people that make you happy is a great way to train your mind for positive thinking. For example, jot down a few things that make you happy every morning.

You can even separate those things into different categories – a category of things you love about your partner, about yourself, or about the world. Just focus on happy things and you will soon become happier than ever.

4. Take Care of Your Body

Your diet, physical activity, and sleep have a tremendous impact on your emotional state. So, pay attention to these things and find out if you are missing something or doing something wrong. By improving your lifestyle, you will improve your mood.

Vitamin deficiencies could contribute to anxiety and depression. So, take supplements after consulting with your doctor. Also, lack of sleep, which is getting less than 8 hours per night, is a major risk factor in negative thinking and angriness.

5. Do More of What You Love

You may say that you don’t have time for the things you enjoy because you are too busy, but that’s not true. You can find time and place if you really want. Otherwise, you will gradually become a sad person full of negative thoughts.

For example, devote one hour a day only to yourself. You can read a book, watch an episode of your favorite series, or simply do nothing and rest.

6. Turn the Negative into Positive

You have to train your brain to turn negative things into positive ones. It may be hard in the beginning and you’ll have to push yourself to find good in every bad situation. The Universe is preparing you for something good after every tough period in your life.

Try to learn something new out of every failure, and even turn it into an opportunity. For example, instead of seeing yourself as a failure after not getting the job you wanted, use that free time to learn new skills to improve yourself.

By doing these six things regularly you will train your mind to think positively and attract a lot of good things in your life. Smile 🙂