Do Successful Children Have Strict Mothers?

Did You Know? Successful Children Have Strict Mothers

Most of the parents are strict with their children. Many of us had parents who ordered us to tidy up our rooms, do our homework, etc. It seemed like they made our lives a real hell. Their ongoing nagging and trying to mess with our lives was pretty unbearable.

But, according to an expert, children who are prosperous usually had strict mothers while growing up. In fact, no matter how much trouble your mother caused you, one day you are going to be grateful to her.

According to a study conducted by a professor at the University of Essex, Erica Rascon, successful people had very strict mothers. Her research included questionaries of more than 15,000 children at the age of 13-14 during the period of 2004-2010.

As reported by Erica Rascon, parents, mostly mothers wanted higher education for their children and had high expectations of them. Those children who had strict mothers with high expectations showed to have higher self-esteem and felt secure.

Also, the research revealed that the girls who had determined and nagging mothers have 4 percent lower possibilities of pregnancy during early age. And, those children of strict mothers showed greater possibilities of finishing college and getting good jobs.

Although it sounds unreal, stern mothers really have successful children. According to Rascon, many things we do that our mothers recommended, we do them successfully. Likewise, it does not matter how much we try to avoid our parents’ influence; they do have an impact on us.

So, children who see their stern mothers as the biggest enemy should know it will be of huge help when they grow up. One day you will be grateful to your mother. And, you will acknowledge her effort to make you a great and successful person.

Also, you would like to be just like your mother when you have your own children.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network