5 Things That Make Kids Happier According to Research

5 Things That Make Kids Happier According to Research

In people’s life, their childhood is the most important and most special time. It is a time of wonder, discovery, amusement, and plays as the kids get to know the world around them. When it comes to the parents, this for them is a sense of worry.

Why? Well, because they want to ensure the happiness and health of their kid. But, life happens to both the parents and the kids and that can impact the kid’s childhood years.

No matter the circumstances, the happiness of the kid always comes first to those people who love them. When it comes to the happiness of the kid, there are some tips from experts for parents to ensure that their kid has a healthy and happy childhood.

5 Tips from Experts to Make Your Kid Happier

Tip #1 Be Happy Yourself

Kids learn by the things they hear and see, regardless if it’s good or bad. In case an adult shows positive behavior, most likely the kid will reciprocate. It’s said that kids do not behave well if the adults are not taking care of their relationships and themselves.

Tip #2 Make Happy Memories

According to one study, those adults who recall happy memories from their childhood have a heightened sense of moral purity.

Those people who remembered their childhood were more likely to help people with the additional task, donate money to some charity, or judge inappropriate, unethical behavior harshly.

Therefore, by making happy childhood memories, you are making future happy adults.

#3 Make Sure to Acknowledge Their Efforts

Your kid is going to get to that age when they will know that hard work is necessary in order to get ahead. It’s crucial to identify when they push themselves in order to accomplish something.

Experts suggest that parents need to concentrate on the process the kids engage in, like concentrating on the task or trying too hard – what things they are doing instead you are so good at this .. what parents do really matters.

#4 Let Them Play

Never forget that kids should play, this is their main responsibility. Eventually, they will have homework, chores, etc., but from toddler to adolescence kids should have the freedom to have fun.

A professor at Boston College and a child psychologist, Peter Gray say that kids learn the most vital lessons in life from other kids, and not from other adults.

You see, they cannot learn or are less likely to learn from adults. You should encourage your kids to go outside and play.

 #5 Value Family Traditions

Having different things that one family does together is a sign of a good, happy and stable household. And stability is a crucial aspect of the development of the kid. Experts from Child Development Institute advise on this topic.

They say that by having regular family time, the kid will enjoy five crucial benefits. Those are: the kid will observe positive traits of the adults, he or she will feel loved and important, the kid and the parent will form a strong bond.

Also, parents or caretakers can observe and find more about the weaknesses of their kids in order to guide them better, and the kid will learn to verbalize their feelings and thoughts.