How to Get Relief From Troubles? – Focus on The Present Moment

How to Get Relief From Troubles - Focus on The Present Moment

Leading a nice life requires us to focus on the present time instead of the past or the future. In fact, mindfulness is a term that describes focusing on the things we experience at the moment.

When we pay attention to present experiences, we are relieved from the regrets we have about the past as well as the worries about the future. That is about those obsessive and worrisome thoughts that we cannot get rid of.

Why is that important? Well, having negative thoughts about things that happened or may happen prevents you from functioning well at the moment. So, you may lose yourself in those thoughts.

For example, if you are spending time worrying about that difficult exam you have in June, you cannot focus on the studying material, and that will lead to failure. Do you see the point? But, if you do focus on the moment, you will have enough time to study.

Even without meditation, you can focus on the present time instead of the past and the future. In this article, we are going to describe a way in which you can be happy at the moment.

Bring Your Attention to Present Time – 3 Steps

When you find yourself caught in a situation in which you are having stressful thoughts, you should say to yourself “not now.” Yes, it sounds simple, but these two words are capable of breaking the spell that those thoughts have over you.

Furthermore, you should focus on breathing deeply by inhaling and exhaling three times. While you are focusing on the physical sensation of respiring, you are also focusing on the present.

When you exhale for the third time, you will feel a sense of calmness which sometimes can be slight, and sometimes strong. Finally, start noticing what is going on around you at the moment, for example, focus on your dog, and listen to another dog barking.

When you change your focus of attention, you will feel that you are not having stressful thoughts anymore. Always make sure to go through these steps when you are experiencing stressful thoughts.

You should not allow those worrisome thoughts about the past such as “I miss my old life,” and thoughts about the future like “What if the pain never goes away?” to interfere with your life. Stressful thoughts do not help you; they may just make you feel worse.

Toni Bernard explained on Psychology Today about her experience when she was driving to see the doctor because of her MRI results. (1) When she was on a freeway, she was alone, and she was driving, but her thoughts were everywhere.

She was thinking about the results; she imagined worst-case scenarios while not paying attention to what was happening to her at the moment. But, then, she remembered mindfulness and did all of the three steps which helped to focus on the present moment.

She was able to feel how it is to drive fast on a freeway, and she described it as a wonderful experience. Toni felt calm, and she was capable of focusing on what was going on.

Finally, when she got to the doctor, the results of the MRI showed that she was totally fine. So, Toni recommends you go through the three steps whenever you feel you are experiencing stressful thoughts.

You need to focus on the present time, take a moment to feel alive no matter how hard your life seems.

Since you cannot change anything about what has happened in the past, and you sure it is pointless to worry about the future, make sure to live now, at this very moment.

Otherwise, if you constantly feel disappointed about something that has happened in the past, and if you are worried about the things that may happen in the future, you will lose yourself, and you would not be able to function well in order to have a good future.

See the past and the future as something that does not exist. Do you want to live in an illusion? No one wants to live in an illusion. When you decide to live at the moment, you decide to accept life as it is, and that leads to happiness.

Life is short, so you need to live while you can. Grab the moment you have, and remember, you are the one who controls your thoughts. Do not let your thoughts have control over you. If there is something that you would like to do, do it now.