10 Behaviors Which are Typical for an Authentic Empath

10 Behaviors Which Are Typical for an Authentic Empath

Who thinks they might be an empath? To know for sure, we have to recognize the signs. Being an empath is actually a great thing. Once we learn a few things, we will learn to navigate the world with ease.

In fact, we won’t feel energetically drained at all times.

Here are the signs that can help you understand if you are an empath.

1. People Drain Your Energy

Whenever you are around people, you feel completely drained. When you are around them, you feel completely overwhelmed by their emotions that end up draining you in the process.

If this happens every day, you will have no energy left for you at the end of the day. (1) As a result, you often end up irritated and downright used. The way you can stop this is to pull back and stop giving your energy to everyone so easily.

Only let the right people take your energy. Spend some time doing the things you want and pamper yourself. You deserve it.

2. Your Intuition is Naturally High

Empaths have unique skills that other people don’t. You feel people’s emotions psychically. You know what others are feeling only by looking at them. When you engage in a conversation with them, you know their exact intentions without them telling you.

In fact, you know what they are thinking. Why? Because your intuition tells you.

3. Crowds Affect You

This may sound strange, but it is quite normal for empaths. Crowded events, rooms, parties, or even streets create an overloaded mess with countless emotions that come from all directions.

To shield yourself from such energies, we highly recommend you use protection stones. Some stones can annul the energy. Otherwise, you will always feel people’s predominant energy and mood as they walk past you.

4. You Are Incredibly Sensitive

It is to be expected. You hate to see anyone or anything get hurt because you can feel their pain. Some extremely talented empaths can feel physical pain, depending on what others are going through.

5. Emotional Healing Is Your Talent

You attract people, especially those who need healing. Plus, you can help by truly caring and listening to other people’s problems. Not everyone can do this. That is why this talent is incredibly important. In fact, your skill is incredibly worth it.

People will do anything to become your friend. So, make sure to be careful who you spend time with and stay away from those who can hurt you.

6. You Ignore Your Own Problems

You never pay attention to anything that is happening to you. You are so busy helping others that you always forget to help yourself. In fact, you keep carrying other people’s burdens and never dedicate any time to healing your energy. (2)

Of course, you are strong. But, everyone has their limits. At some point, all your bottled-up emotions will surface, and you will be desperately in need of healing. So, to avoid this, it is best to take care of your own problems at the moment they appear.

Sort yourself out before trying to help anyone else.

7. You Know When Someone Is Lying

You can immediately spot a liar. That is why you know who to trust. After all, no one can fool you. This is the most useful skill in a time like this.

8. Broken People Are Attracted to You

People are attracted to you because of your positive energy. They feel deep down that they can rely on you and offer them some relief. If you are not an empath, people will definitely not feel such a strong attraction to you.

9. Where You Live It’s Important

Some people feel as if they don’t belong. Especially in their home or neighborhood. Usually, empaths prefer to live in less crowded areas. So, they choose to live in the country and recharge their batteries whenever they are relaxing.

10. You Feel Other People’s Energy

Whenever you see someone crying, you start to cry as well. After all, you can’t help it. Whenever someone is angry, you also feel that anger bottling up inside you. If you want to learn how to control these emotions, you first have to understand that you are an empath.

For some, it can be incredibly difficult to achieve. But, in the long run, you will be able to control your gift. (3)