Women! Are Bald Men More Dominant, Confident & Stronger?

Bald Men Are More Dominant, Confident & Stronger, Studies Show

According to the American Hair Loss Association, about 2/3 of men lose their hair till they turn 35. And, about 85 percent of them will lose a lot of hair till they turn 50. Being bald at 20 or 22 years may cause depression.

It is said that most women find bald men are more masculine, stronger, and dominant. Well, as we can see, being bald is not a big problem.

So, since these men have less self-confidence, men should accept balding by shaving their hair off. Instead of being depressed because of hair loss, men should just shave their heads.

In fact, the hair on the head grows just like the hair on the face when it is shaved off. If you are a bald man, do not hide your baldness; do not be ashamed of it! For the sake of one study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, there were three major tests. (1)

College students (men and women) were tested in a way they were supposed to rate pictures of men regarding their confidence, attractiveness, as well as dominance. So, the results showed that people considered bald men more dominant.

The second study included men whose hair was removed digitally, and they were considered taller, stronger, and more dominant than their true selves.

The third study included no photographic stimuli and shows how men can shave their heads if they experience hair loss. This way, they can save a lot of money which otherwise, they spend on treatments for hair loss.

As time goes by, men are accepting their bald heads more and more. Interestingly, women consider bald men as more self-confident.

Although bald men are advised to shave off their hair when they notice they are losing it, it may be difficult for them to accept baldness because they are not used to seeing themselves with no hair.

But, you should know that when you accept it, you will gain more self-esteem.

Sometimes, when you talk to women, they may pay more attention to your hair. But, when you have no hair, they will look into your eyes. And, eye contact may help you establish a good connection.

Being courageous to walk around with shaved head means you have enough self-confidence and you like yourself, and women love that! This doesn’t necessarily mean that women prefer bald men more in comparison to others.

Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way.