11 Mature Ways to Deal with Rude People

11 Mature Ways to Deal with Rude People

Nowadays it seems as rude people are everywhere. They are at the grocery store, in the workplace, on the bus and sometimes they are even in our home. Those who deal with them on a daily basis know the struggle is real.

It can be challenging to deal with such people.

A couple of examples of how rude people make you feel horrible are the following questions: “You have gained a lot of weight. Why is that?”, “How come you are still single?” or “Why aren’t you married?”.

And these aren’t easy questions to swallow. Fighting rudeness and negativity is a form of art. Once in such situation, you have a choice. You can witness it or respond it with politeness.

Yes, once you learn how to do it, you will understand that there are ways to deal with these people. Intrigued? Read on to find out more about these effective ways you can deal with rude people.

11 Approaches to Deal with Rude People

#1 Ending the Conversation

When you find yourself in a situation where you feel that you cannot keep your cool any longer and when you feel that things are slipping out of control, what you need to do is simple, end the conversation.

This is a mature approach, and in that way, you can prevent saying something that would be inappropriate or mean.

For instance:

You say: “Why don’t we change the topic? I don’t want to argue, and this won’t do any good for us.”

#2 Answer with Question

When dealing with a rude person, you need to ask them if they think that saying such stuff was really necessary and do they really need your response to their question.

By asking a question, you will make the other person stop and think about his own actions. Also, you will present yourself as a calm and collected person.

For instance:

– “Why are you alone, what is wrong with your love life?”

– “Do you want me to answer that question?”

#3 Say “ I Love Who I Am, and I Love You As Well”

First, you need to understand that you can use this only in informal relationships.

This is certainly not something that you can say to your boss. You can use this if you find yourself in a rude situation with someone close to you. Don’t get in a fight, say “I love you” and that will change the game.

For instance:

– “Why do you look so skinny? Do you exercise?”

To that, you can say: “I love who I am, and I love you as well.”

#4 Say: “You Are Right”

This will definitely confuse them. I might be frustrating to say that, but this is something rude people don’t expect. So, they won’t get any reaction by your side, and you will win.

For instance:

– “You should lose weight; you are really fat.”

– “You are right; I should do that.”

#5 Say “Thank Yo”

This is a mature response that guarantees respect. You will look mature, and you will feel and look dignified. And most importantly maintain your inner peace.

For instance:

– “You are gaining a lot of weight. Why is that?”

– “Thank you for worrying, but I can assure you I am okay.”

#6 Use the Sentence “It Seems That You Always Have Something Negative to Say, Don’t You?”

Once you use this sentence, their rudeness and negativity are instantly under the scanner. This displays their real purpose, and that is to insult you. After using this sentence, others will take a moment and think about it.

In no time they will understand who is toxic.

For instance:

-“You look awful in that dress.”

– “It seems that you always have something negative to say, don’t you?”

#7 Don’t Become Part of the Drama Club

Do want to yell at all the rude people? Don’t do it. Becoming a part of the drama will do no good, and it will only escalate the situation. No matter the situation, do your best to keep your dignity by not allowing rude people to provoke you to become something you aren’t.

#8 Laugh

This is something that will definitely confuse the rude person and embarrass them.

For instance:

– “You aren’t married, right?”

–  To that, you need to laugh and use this “ No, not yet.”

#9 Say – “What You Said Almost Hurt My Feelings”

Yes, this is a bit sarcastic, but it works. This shows that you refuse to absorb their negativity.  Once a rude person sees this, they will have no choice but to step back.

For instance:

– “You are really stupid; you know that?”

– “What you said almost hurt my feelings.”

#10 Say “I Appreciate Your View”

Don’t answer rudeness with rudeness, instead play smart. It is completely fine if you don’t agree with their methods, ideas or views, but you can say that you appreciate their view on things.

This will only show how strong you are and that their rudeness doesn’t mean a thing to you.

For instance:

– “You should get a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner!”

– “I appreciate your view on things and advice, but I am happy single and prefer to stay like that.”

#11 Don’t Force Rude People to Change

You need to understand one thing, and that is that you cannot make someone polite. Especially, if this someone enjoys being rude. As a matter of fact, by trying to force a certain change in the way they behave, that might just have a more negative impact.

In some situations, it is the best to come to terms that other people being rude is not your fault. And what you should do is just let them go, let them find their own way and solution to this issue.


The point is that you should not confront rudeness with rudeness. So, the next time you find yourself in such situation, you will know how to behave and at the same time keep your dignity.

Just because some people are rude, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be rude to them as well.

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