People Who Lie All the Time Usually Say These Phrases

People Who Lie All the Time Usually Say These Phrases

Let’s be real – when it comes to lying no one is ideal or innocent. Surely our customers, employees, job applicants or bosses aren’t always honest to us. But we aren’t always honest to them as well.

These might not be big lies, but it is likely that we are going to hear a couple of tales. According to the author of “Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception,” Pamela Meyer, every day we might lie from 10 to 200 times.

In fact, it is said that strangers lie 3 times in the first ten minutes of meeting each other. So, the inevitable question comes: “Why do we lie so much?”

Well, most likely we are trying to bridge the gap between who we are and who we want to be. This is according to Pamela Mayer. We do that because we aspire to be the ideal spouse, boss or employee but that is not the case.

You are entirely aware when we lie, but can you tell when someone is lying to you? Can you spot a liar? The truth is that it isn’t easy to know if someone is lying to you.

Some people are bad liars, and you can spot them quickly, but some people are masters of deception. So what can you do to recognize the masters of deception?

You need to examine what they say. Make sure to pay close attention to the phrases and words these people use in order to sideline all the doubts.

Common Phrases People Use When They’re Lying

#1 ”You Are Accusing Me?”

Usually, when liars use this phrase, they have an innocent expression on their face. And some have a mocking smile which is unbearable. Why do liars say this? It is because they want to turn the tables and accuse you at the end.

They try to switch the defense mood you have and to change the purpose of the conversation.

#2 ”I Don’t Know What You Are Talking About”

This is outright denial. Liars will try to deny everything at once. They know what you are confronting them about, but they don’t know what to say, so they play fools. These people don’t accept their lies. Stay away from them.

#3 ”I Don’t Remember Saying That”

Do you know what is typical for all liars – memory lapses? Those who lie need to keep track on their lies. And if you catch them lying, they will deny saying or doing that. In that way, they try to cover their deception.

#4 ”Do You Really Think I Could Lie to You?”

Once people say this phrase one thing is certain they are quality. Why? Because with this sentence they try to move the whole burden of the argument on your side.

Often liars play on the victim card. They use it to make you doubt yourself and make you feel guilty.

#5 Liars Repeat Phrases or Words

Why do liars repeat the same thing over and over again? They do this because they are trying to convince you. Also, by doing this, they are buying themselves time in order to make up another lie of gathering their thoughts.

#6 “You Cannot Prove It”

This phrase means that they have made a mistake, but there is no proof of it so there is no way they would admit it without evidence.

#7 Liars Give Too Much Information

You need to know that when someone talks too much and provides too much information which apparently isn’t requested, then most likely that person is lying. You will especially know this if there are too many details.

Liars talk a lot since they hope that by doing that you will believe them?

#8 ‘Why Would I Say/Do That? I Have No Reason”

Liars don’t reply to your comments or questions; they begin questioning you. They do this to trap you, and so they won’t have to answer.

So, if you notice that they are asking for any reasons for doing or saying something, they are lying.

#9 “That Is All”

When a person withholds information, it is most likely because they want to be careful what they say. So if you notice that a person uses this phrase, you should know that they are lying or maybe keeping a secret.

 #10 Liars Speak Formally

When people lie, they usually use formal language. For instance, they use “ I did not” and not “I didn’t,” or they use “I am” and not “I’m.” They do this so they will sound more convincing.

Just pay close attention to these things, and you will know when someone is trying to lie to you.