Woman Having Affair While Husband Is At Work

One woman has a lover and she meets him while her spouse is at work. She has a son who is at the age of nine, and he hides in the closet of her bedroom in order to observe them. Also, the spouse comes back at home.

So, the woman hides her lover in the closet without noticing that her son is there. Furthermore, there is a dialogue between the boy and his mother’s lover.

The boy: It is so dark in this closet.

The lover: Yeah.

The boy: I’ve got a baseball.

The lover: Well, that is cool.

The boy: Do you want me to sell it to you?

The lover: No, but thank you.

The boy: My father is outside.

The lover: All right, how much do you want for the baseball?

The boy: 250 dollars.

After several weeks, the lover and the boy are again hiding in the closet, and here is what happened.

The boy: It is so dark in this closet.

The lover: Yeah.

The boy: I’ve got a glove for baseball.

Now, the man remembering the previous time, asks about the price.

The boy: 750 dollars.

The lover: Okay.

Several days later, the dad asks his son to play baseball outside, but the boy informs him that he has sold the glove and the baseball.

The dad: How much did you get?

The boy: Well, 1000 dollars.

The dad: Oh, that is not good! You cannot charge your friends like that. It is a lot of money for those two things. You need to go to the church and confess. I’m taking you there.

When they are in the church, the boy enters the confession booth, and the boy says “Oh, it is so dark here.”

And, surprisingly, the priest says “Do not start with that sh*t again.”