Story: What is Love & What is Marriage?

Story What is Love & What is Marriage

Young people are very curious, especially about love and marriage. They have got a lot of questions about the topics, but they usually want to know what actually is love, and what does marriage means. Below, people are going to read a story that provides excellent answers to those questions.

The Meaning of Love and Marriage

There was a student who asked his teacher what love is. The teacher said to the student to go to the field of wheat, pick the biggest wheat, and return. However, there was a rule. One can go through the field only once and does not have permission to go back to pick.

So, when the student got to the field, he found big wheat in the first row but thought that there might be a bigger one. Then, he notices an even bigger one and again thought there might be bigger. And, when went through more than half of the wheat field, he realized that none of the wheat is bigger than the first one.

He knew he missed it, and he regretted it. However, he returned to his teacher empty-handed. He got an answer from the teacher that that was love. When one keeps looking for someone better ends up realizing they have missed the perfect person.

Furthermore, the students asked one more question. He wanted to know what marriage is. His teacher told him that if he wanted to get an answer, he needed to go to the cornfield, pick up the biggest corn, and return. Also, the teacher told him there was the same rule; he can go through the field only once and is not allowed to return.

The student went to the cornfield, but he was careful not to make the same mistake twice. When he got to the cornfield, he decided to pick medium-sized corn and returned to the teacher. The answer of the teacher to the student’s question was that he picked the corn that looked nice and had faith that he made a good choice.

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