25 Strange Things Only Cat Owners Will Understand

25 Weird Things Only Cat Owners Will Understand

These little furry friends are incredibly unpredictable. But, we love them anyway! After all, they are the most adorable fur-balls in the entire world! They are so cute and unique, which is why they make our day!

Well, living with a cat is not as easy as some people might believe. In fact, it is quite a journey with a ton of funny moments and, of course, moments of struggle.

That is why we love our cats so much!

1. Buying That Lamp with a Cat at Home Was a Bad Idea!

2. Will You Risk It?

3. It Will Still Be Yummy. Right?

4. Oh No! That Is Going to Hurt! What Are You Doing Cat?!

5. The Box Is Always the Most Comfortable Place to Sit

6. What Should I Do Today? Maybe I Will Annoy the Dog. Why Not?

7. Who Cares About Your Stuff? Not Me!

8. I Am Here for You Human! Let Me Call for Help

9. You Won’t Need That

10. Oh No! Poor Kitty!

11. Who Needs Fluffy Pillows When I Have a Comfy Ikea Bag?

12. What Are You Doing Human? What Are You Looking At? Let Me See Too!

13. No One Will Ever Find Me Here!

14. What Are You Looking At? Go Away!

15. Well, This Is One Smart Kitty. It Knows How to Get Under the Shade.

16. I Bet No One Will Ever See Me. Ha! It Is Warm in Here.

17. Basketball Is so Fun, Especially in the Last Minutes

18. Please Help! Don’t Leave Me Here!

19. Good Morning Human. I Am Hungry! Feed Me Now!

20. It Is Mine Now. So Warm.

21. Yup. That’s About Right.

22. Where I Fit, I Sit. It Definitely Fits.

23. Present Wrapping Time! Love It!

24. What Are You Doing Human? Feeeeeed Me! Now! Food! Now!

25. Cats Are Always Awake When They Shouldn’t Be

Do you agree with us? What does your cat do most often?

Does it wake up at 5 am? Does it break your favorite stuff?

Let us know in the comments!

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