10 Funny Photos of Cats Using Dogs as Pillows

10 Funny Photos of Cats Using Dogs as Pillows

Cats and dogs – are they enemies or frenemies? Those who have ever had a dog and cat at the same time might have caught them occasionally cuddling, even though they spend most of the time getting on each other’s nerves.

Can they be secretly besties, or tension will always be present when these two are close to each other?

In a way, you can see them as siblings who fight all the time but can’t live without each other as well.

Here are ten photos of cats and dogs that might change your mind when it comes to their weird relationship.

1. Stack the Odds

Why do we have a feeling that someone will suddenly tumble down?

2. The Perfect Hat

This might be the best improvement of Dr. Seuss’ The Cat Is the Hat!

3. Stretching

More than enough room to stretch out!

4. Squish

The cat looks so comfortable, right?

5. Fluffy Fur

It seems the cat will have fur for days.

6. A Comfortable Snuggle Spot

They look so peaceful that it’s a crime to wake them up.

7. All Belly Up

What a trusting and relaxing kitty, don’t you think?

8. Two-fur

Sharing the most comfortable spot with your friend.

9. Too Relaxed or Too Comfortable?

You may never know.

10. Find the Cat

Can you?

It seems these loving creatures are just relaxing from their hard work of being cats and dogs. We hope you enjoyed these hilarious photos.

Source Pawpulous | Bored Panda