20 Pics of Pets When Being Called “A Good Boy”

20 Pics of Pets After Being Called a Good Boy

One reddit user posted a pic showing how his dog reacted after being called a good boy. ‘JavaReallySucks’ is the user who made this truly original post and inspired people to share their pets’ reactions.

Of course, the responses varied. Some were happy and others were serious. But, they are all incredibly fun to watch.

The reactions that stood out the most are the cats.

The dogs are incredibly excited, but the cats couldn’t care less. Here watch these reactions!

How does your pet react? Share your pics too!

1. Who’s a Good Boy? It’s You Of Course!

This adorable puppy will melt your heart.

2. Kitty, Are You a Good Boy?

This cat looks like it will attack its owner immediately!

3. Such an Adorable Fur-ball!

That fluffiness! It’s eye-catching.

4. What About You Mister Parrot?

Yup! He definitely is! Just look at those feathers.

5. Kitty? Are you a Good Boy?

‘’Don’t bother me human.’’

6. From Scary to Cute in a Second

Wow, that transformation.

7. Look at Those Eyes!

You can’t resist them! No one can!

8. The Look of Pure Happiness

Every dog should be this happy.

9. Who’s a Good Boy?

Can’t you see I am sleeping?!

10. Such a Smart Parrot

He has your attention now!

11. Oh No! That Doesn’t Look Good!

This cat is scary!

12. Meet Emily!

This is her reaction after being called a good girl.

13. Aww! How Can You Not Cuddle Him!


14. Who’s a Good Girl?

Isn’t she adorable?

15. Really Human? Now?

Just try to touch me, I dare you! I double dare you!

16. Me? Are You Talking to Me?

He has your attention.

17. Even the Snake Reacted!

Wow, we don’t believe anyone expected that.

18. I’ll Bite Your Arm!

Such a cute rawr.

19. Who’s a Good Boy!

Mr. Turtle, it’s you!

20. He Didn’t Even Flinch

But, her friend did. Maybe… soon.. he will… react. Or maybe not.

Which of these reactions is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Also, don’t forget to share your pics of your pets.

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