Free Animals & People In Cages – A ZOO In China Offers Great Excitement!

Free Animals & People In Cages - A ZOO In China Offers Great Excitement!

Who doesn’t like going to the ZOO? Well, the Lehe Ledu Wildlife ZOO located in China is the perfect place for zoo lovers. In fact, the ZOO has swapped the places of people and animals. While the animals are free, the visitors are in cages.

It may sound absurd to pay in order to be locked in a cage, it is much better than locking animals up. In that way, people can get close to the animals, but be safe.

Of course, there is their freedom; they can get out of the cage whenever they want.

And, sadly, animals that in cages do not have the freedom to get out of the cage when they want. That is why this alternative is better. The ZOO is in Chongqing city.

It is one of the few ZOOs worldwide that allows people to go through the park in vehicles and offering the ferocious animals food through small gaps.

According to Daily Mail, they use live chicken to lure the white tigers as well as the Bengal tigers of the park. This interesting place was opened back in 2015, and since then it has been an attraction to locals and tourists too.

The first three months of the opening were completely sold out. And, that means it is really interesting and something that is worth to be seen.

Even though the tourists are in cages, they need to be careful not to lose their limbs while giving the animals food. This seems scary and exciting at the same time! Great for adrenalin lovers.

Source: India Times | Image Source: CEN