Pet Owners, if Pets are Pushing Their Head Against a Wall, React Immediately

Pet Owners, If Pets Are Pushing Their Head Against a Wall, React Immediately

People who have pets can always tell that everything gets better when their pet is around. And really, surrounding ourselves with animal cuteness is all we need. Pets tend to do different adorable and strange things.

But, people cannot always understand why their pets do the things they do; pet owners usually leave them be or laugh at these things. However, there are some signs which might be alerting, particularly if it is similar in how we act when sick.

If you have a pet, you should bear in mind that not every behavior is similar. Also, you should know that many vets are actually warning about one obvious symptom which might show that something is severely wrong with your pet.

What is it? It’s head pressing.

Everything You Should Know About Head Pressing

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If you see your car or dog pressing their head against a flat surface or a wall at first, it might seem funny to you. It might look like your pet is bored or they want some alone time.

But if you see your pet doing this, you should be concerned and take them to the vet immediately. You shall notice that your cat or dog will stay like that for a couple of minutes.

Vets say that other animals such as horses, goats, cows, and sheep also head press in order to tell that something is wrong.

But what that means? It is said that head pressing can be a symptom or neurological condition or a way in which your pet wants to tell you that they are in some sort of pain.

Generally, this thing indicates certain damage to the nervous system, that might happen due to different causes such as certain kinds of toxic poisoning, for example, lead.

Also, it can indicate of prosencephalon disease where the thalamus and forebrain parts of the brain are actually damaged. You should bear in mind that head pressing might be a symptom of a few neurological disorders.

Those disorders are head trauma, hydrocephalus, inflammation, meningitis, infection, encephalitis, brain tumor, and stroke.

Other sings you need to pay attention to is your cat or dog walking in circles, visual impairment, pushing their face into the ground, continually pacing, staring at the wall blankly, and seizures.

If you notice this with your pet, schedule an appointment with your vet immediately and tell your vet what you have witnessed. The right vet would know what to do.

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