11 Ways to Remove Negative Energy from Homes

11 Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Homes

The one thing we often forget when we want to manifest our dreams is our vibration. And, our vibe is very important because when it is low, we push away our desires. That may result in a constant block.

Having a higher vibration is an ongoing journey, and luckily, there are eleven ways in which we can increase our vibration level. Also, we can remove negativity from our homes.

1. Do the Things You Like Doing

Although this is simple, when you ask yourself whether you are happy each day, what is the answer? Everyone can say they are happy, but what is the reality? Is that true? Are you living at your best by doing what you like?

Sometimes, you need to find more time in order to do the things that you truly like in your life because that increases the level of your happiness. Also, by doing the things you like, you will love life, and you will raise your vibration.

2. Be Thankful

You may be thankful, but are you enough? Writing about 10 reasons why you are thankful each night or morning will help you feel better, happier, and increase your vibe.

And, when you are having one of those bad days, by writing down the things you are grateful for will boost your mood.

3. Affirmations

Making affirmations is an excellent way in which you can manifest your dreams. How to do it? For example, you can do this every morning in front of the mirror saying to yourself that you are strong, brave, fearless, and worthy.

By using positive affirmations, you are raising your vibration as well as your motivation. You are in fact, attracting positive things in your life.

4. Crystals Are Powerful

Having crystals may really help you through the manifestation of your dreams. For instance, the crystal named Rose Quartz is among the most famous stones that attract love in every aspect of your life.

Then, Honey Quartz is a beautiful crystal that helps you feel positive and grateful. It is very important to clean your crystals every month and try doing it on a new moon.

All you need to do is clean them with filtered water. When you need a new partner in your life, hold your crystal and ask for help.

5. Meditation

You know the many benefits of meditation, and among them is the raise of vibration. No one has an excuse for not meditating because we can all find at least fifteen minutes per day to meditate.

When you do it, concentrate on yourself and your gratitude. Finding some time in your busy schedule to meditate helps you feel better, and it will raise your vibe, so you can attract the things you want much faster.

6. How About Some Himalayan Salt Lamps?

These lamps are helpful for your home because they clean the air and give it a nice scent. They have many other benefits, and when you keep one in your home, you will feel positive energy.

Additionally, people who have problems with asthma and coughing can keep a Himalayan Salt Lamp at their home because it will help them lower the symptoms.

Interestingly, the lamps neutralize the electromagnetic radiation from computers, phones, TV, and so on.

7. Remove Things That Remind You Of Negativity

We all have some things that we do not want to throw away because they are memories of our past. But sometimes, these things remind us of negative experiences, and we need to find the courage to let them go.

If you have something that makes you feel bad, give it to someone that may need it. And, you can use white sage and incense to clean the air.

If you have a person in your life that you need to ask forgiveness for, think of that person, say you are truly sorry, and you let them go, and then burn white sage to clear the negative energy.

8. Plants, Candles, and Opened Windows

Your home needs to have nature inside. Keeping plants, opening the windows on a regular basis, and burning candles will give your home positive energy, you will feel much better.

Burning the candles as well as white sage kills the negativity and raises your vibe. These are just small things you can practice in order to get a higher vibration.

9. You Do Not Need Toxic People

You should not have toxic people in your home, but sometimes, this is impossible because they can be some of your family members. So, you can meet them at their place or somewhere public in order to prevent them from taking away the positive energy from your home.

However, if having a toxic person in your home is unavoidable, then you should do cleaning with white safe right after they are gone.

10. Do Not Hold on to Clutter

That spring clean you need to do more often, not just during the spring. Living in a cluttered place makes your mind cluttered as well. You need to clear your home and let more light in, and you will feel a positive difference.

11. Photos and Things Reminding You of Positivity

We all love photos. Make sure to have many photos of the good times in your home. Having good memories in your home makes you feel better, happier, and it raises your vibe. Also, you can keep positive quotes to remind you how powerful you are.