20 Incredibly Interesting Facts Most of Us Have Never Heard Before

20 Incredibly Interesting Facts Most of Us Have Never Heard Before

The world is a huge place and there are so many things that we will never be able to know all. However, there are things that are worth mentioning as well as easy to remember. Also, some facts not only are interesting, but helpful too.

Check out our list of informative and useful facts.

1. You should wear good shoes because people notice them when they first see you.

2. Albert Einstein said that if bees vanish from the world, humans will die in 4 years.

3. The mortality risk of people who sit for more than 11h per day is 50% higher than normal.

4. There is a 9 percent of possibility that you will meet a person that looks just like you. Also, there are about six people that have the same looks as you do.

5. The brain needs power as a 10-watt light bulb.

6. To lower the back pain and keep your spine strong, sleep without a pillow.

7. A person is high as their father and heavy as their mother.

8. Shaking your head may help you to “wake up” a part of your body that is sleeping.

9. People’s brain always notices three things: good-looking people, food, and danger.

10. People who are right-handed chew their food on the right side.

11. To remove the odor from the gym bags or shoes put tea bags in them.

12. You need 20 years to eat every kind of apple. And, you need a new one every day.

13. The acid we have in our stomach is powerful enough to melt razor blades.

14. Humans are able to survive 11 days without sleep, and weeks without food.

15. Those who laugh a lot are healthier.

16. Being lazy and inactive increases the mortality risk just like smoking does.

17. People’s brain is capable of storing five times more information than Wikipedia.

18. We need only 30 mins. of our body’s heat to boil 1.5l of water.

19. The best antidepressant is smiling.

20. The largest cell is the Ovum egg, and the smallest is the semen.

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