Why Parents Should Spend Less Money on Toys and Take More Family Vacations?

This Is Why Family Vacations Are Important for Kids and Parents

Is anybody planning a family vacation in the near future? The truth is, we may all want to book one as family trips are important for children’s emotional growth. Plus, they are fun! We should all ask ourselves “When was the last time we went on a family trip?”

A recent study shows that family vacations have a deep and lasting effect on children’s well-being and happiness.

The Journal of Commercial Research published research that shows that material gifts don’t have the same profound impact on children as experiential gifts (for example, trips or vacations). But, why is the reason behind this?

First, spending time in a new place is extremely important for the growth of a child’s brain.

Doing a new activity or going to new locations helps develop certain parts of the brain that are related to everything, from improved learning ability to stress management.

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As a matter of fact, children who come back to school after traveling on vacation get higher grades in math, reading, and general knowledge than others.

What’s more, the location is not even important.

They could go to Branson, Missouri, or Barcelona, Spain, and the results will still be the same.

Besides being beneficial for the moment, vacations are also good in the long run. What’s more, they help children build positive and lasting memories.

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A team of British researchers discovered that the favorite memories of most people are childhood family vacations. This was the reason why researchers called these experiences “happiness anchors.”

In fact, family trips and outings become part of your identity, so they last long after your tan lines fade. In other words, they shape the way you see the world.

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What’s more, even the planning of the vacation is good for bonding the family members. So, it seems family vacations and trips are beneficial even before they begin.

Also, it could help children learn about the importance of financial planning and saving money.  For instance, saving the change all year long in a piggy bank for special extras like ice creams and souvenirs on the trip.

Nevertheless, vacations are not just good for the children, but for the parents too. Another study shows that experiential things make adult people happier more than the material ones, just like children.

According to the findings, enjoying a beach vacation will bring you more pleasure than a big screen TV, despite the fact that you’ll use the TV more often.

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This means that instead of spending a fortune on toys for your kids throughout the year, save up and go on a vacation. At least that’s what parenting experts recommend.

Enjoying a family vacation will make all of you calmer, happier, and smarter due to the new experience.

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What’s more, telling your kids that you are planning a vacation could be really fun.

Therefore, stop making excuses for not taking a family trip or vacation. You will never have enough free time or money, so just take as many days as you can and go to a place you can afford as soon as possible.

You don’t have to go to an exotic location or spend lots of money to feel the benefits of spending quality time with your dearest ones.