37 Things We Might Regret When We’re Old

37 Things We Might Regret When We're Old

Life is short, and we realize that as we grow old. In one moment we are in our twenties, and in the next one, we are old people with memories and regrets as well. So, here we offer a list of things we’ll regret later in our life.

1. Not Traveling Enough

As we get older, it becomes harder to travel. Having a family and kids makes travel expensive. Instead of paying just for ourselves, we have to pay for our kids as well.

2. Learning Languages

Well, not spending time learning new languages will make you regret that.

3. Bad Relationships

Staying in a bad relationship for too long is something you will be sorry for.

4. Forgetting Sunscreen

Skin cancer, wrinkles, and moles are problems that occur if you do not use sunscreen while getting tanned.

5. Not Seeing Your Favorite Musicians

When you have a chance to see some singer you adore, use it. One day you will regret not seeing them when you had the chance.

6. Being Afraid

We all have fears. However, when we are old, we will ask ourselves why were we afraid to do some things.

7. No Physical Activity

Spending time on the couch is what most people do. But, later in your life, you will be sorry for not spending more time being physically active.

8. Gender Roles

If you let yourself be defined by gender roles, you will regret it.

9. Sticking to a Horrible Job

Of course, we all need jobs to pay bills. But, if the workplace is a real hell, you should find something else, something that will make you happy.

10. Not Studying Enough

One day you will regret not spending more time studying.

11. Being Unaware of Your Beauty

Spending time being sad during your youth because of your appearance is something terrible. You should know that your youth is the time when you are the most beautiful.

12. Afraid to Express Love

One day you will not care if your love is returned. You will just want to express how you feel.

13. Not Listening to Advice

When you are young you do not like listening to your parents, but they only say the truth.

14. Self-Absorbed

If you spend your youth self-absorbed, you will regret that.

15. Caring About Other People’s Opinions

The people you worry about now will not be important in about twenty years.

16. Supporting Their Dreams Over Your Own

You should support others, but you should never forget about yourself.

17. Not Moving On

When you are old, you will realize that not moving on fast enough was a mistake.

18. Holding Grudges

There is no point in holding a grudge and dealing with anger all the time.

19. Taking Sh*t

Not standing up for yourself is something you would forgive yourself for when you are old. You should not take sh*t from anyone.

20. Not Volunteering

Not trying to make the world a better place is something that you may feel sorry for.

21. Not Taking Care of Your Teeth

Forgetting to take care of your teeth is a thing you will regret sure. Make sure to floss, brush, and visit your dentist regularly.

22. Not Asking Questions to Your Grandparents

Grandparents are an excellent resource, and they can give you answers to many questions. Make sure to ask them on time.

23. Overworking

We need money, but we need free time to enjoy the money as well. You will never look back and be happy about how much time you have spent working.

24. Not Finishing What You Have Started

Make sure to finish what you have started and realized your dreams.

25. Not Appreciating the Moment

Make sure to find some time to appreciate the moment.

26. Not Learning How to Cook

Make sure to learn how to cook at least one special meal to make your parties even better.

27. Not Mastering a Party Trick

It would be cool to know some great party tricks.

28. Letting Them Tell You What to Do

Never let yourself be defined by cultural expectations.

29. Not Accepting That Friendships End

Accept that people grow apart, and move on. Do not let yourself be sad about a friendship that has ended.

30. Not Spending Time with Your Children

Children grow up so fast, make sure to play with them a lot.

31. Not Performing in Front of Others

You may not regret this one, but many people do. Many would like to know how would it feel to stand in front of a crowd.

32. Not Developing Contacts and Network

Many jobs are won by developing networking.

33. Overworrying

Keep in mind that most of the things you are worried about will never happen.

34. Unnecessary Drama

Getting caught up in some unnecessary drama is not something you will be happy about.

35. Not Spending Enough Time With People

Spending time with the people you love is important, make sure to do that.

36. Not Taking Big Risks

You should take more risks, especially in love.

37. Not Being Grateful

Every moment we spend alive is a gift, we should appreciate that.