21 Tips to Protect Our Aura

21 Tips To Protect Our Aura

All of us have an aura that represents our emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental energies. Living in today’s world sometimes makes us exhausted, tense, confused, and uncomfortable, and that is a result of negative energies affecting us.

Being an empath or a highly sensitive person, or having a stressful and emotional job may have a damaging effect on our overall health. So, it is of extreme importance to protect our aura, and there are ways to do it.

1. Clear Your Aura

There are specific tones that can help you remove the negative energies from your aura. For instance, you can use a handheld chime. And, you can use anything else that you can find useful.

2. Crystals

Wearing jewelry with a Black Onix is very helpful because this crystal absorbs negative energy and protects your energy. Wearing a Black Tourmaline guard you against the negative energy that is directed at you.

Rose Quartz has the ability to boost love in your life, decrease stress, and calm you. Besides wearing them as jewelry, you can keep crystals in your pocket, or even your bra.

3. Protection Bubble

While you are meditating, you can create a protective bubble. Many people prefer this method when it comes to protecting their aura. You should do it by imagining a big, bright white light that is shining from your inside and let it bind you.

4. Be Aware

It is significant to become aware in order to protect your energy. You need to become aware of your feelings and emotions. You need to learn how you feel about a certain place, person, or situation. When you learn about your feelings, it would be easier for you to protect yourself.

5. Charcoal

Charcoal helps you be down to Earth, and it keeps you connected with our Earth. You can carry your charcoal in your pocket. It is an effective way to help you protect your aura.

6. Hand Position – Kashyapa Mudra

This is a hand position that can help you make a balance and protect yourself from negative energies. You can use this technique when you are surrounded by negativity, or you are in some dark place. It symbolizes a tortoise, so it keeps you safe.

How to do it? Make a fist and put the tip of your thumb between the middle finger and the ring finger. Sit in a comfortable position, take deep breaths, and relax for 5-15 mins.

7. Salt Bath

Having a bath is incredibly useful for removing negativity and unwanted energies. When you prepare yourself a bath, you can add magnesium chloride flakes, sea salt, and pink Himalayan and you will get a good cleaning.

8. Meditation

During meditation, we are recharging our batteries and feel better about ourselves. It helps us bring peace back to our minds.

9. Connect With Nature

Take your shoes and socks off and stand on the grass or beach. Imagine the energy you are receiving from the earth. If you do this on a regular basis, you can become stronger, so the negative forces could not harm you.

10. Cut Cords

When you are connected with some person, there is a cord between both of you. When this connection becomes negative and toxic, you should cut that cord. (1)

11. Use Essence in Your Space

Using aromatic oils, botanicals, and cleansing herbs can help you feel like you are in a sacred place filled with harmony. And, it will protect you from negativity around you.

12. White Angelica

White Angelica oil is a calming and relaxing blend that makes you feel secure and protected. It has oils that were used a long time ago in order to boost people’s aura so that they would become stronger and enduring.

You can add it to your bath, spread it out in your home, or put some drops on your shoulders. Some people consider this as protection from negative energy as well.

13. Music and Dancing

When you are listening to music and dancing, you help yourself get rid of all the negative energies, and bring back the balance in your mind. You can try spiritually-based dances such as Nia (2), Chakra Dance (3), and Wu Tao (4).

14. Feng Shui

Feng Shui has its principles which say that there are four animals that can keep your energy safe. (5) Those are the white tiger, the black turtle, the green dragon, and the red phoenix.

15. Use the Word ‘No’

One of the best ways to protect your energies and not be physically and emotionally exhausted is to say ‘no.’ We should do the things that make us feel good.

16. Be Careful What You Allow Gets Into Your Mind

You need to avoid drama, negative talk, and gossip. Also, you need to stay away from emotional vampires because they drain your energy. Do things that make you feel good and surround yourself with positive people.

17. Intentions and Affirmations

Sending your intentions to the Universe has amazing power. When you try saying to yourself, for instance, “only positive people will come to my office today,” this can actually work. The power of the subconscious mind is incredible.

18. Breathe

This is an easy and simple method that can be used wherever you are. You should imagine the negative energy getting out of your body when you breathe out. And, when you are breathing in, you should imagine that the air is filled with happiness, love, and positivity.

19. Use White Sage

This is used for removing negative energies. You need just to light the bundle of herbs and blow in it till it begins diffusing a nice smoke.

You can take it around your home, your office, or just around your aura, and think positively while doing so. The sage has negative ions that will make you peaceful and cleansed.

20. Examine Yourself

If you have noticed that many negative things have been going on in your life, you should ask yourself why that is happening to you. Why are you attracting that negativity?

21. Ask an Angel

When you are feeling sad or filled with negative energy, you call upon a guarding angel. For instance, you can call Archangel Michael because he is the angel that helps in getting rid of the negative energy. (6)

Here is a video in which you can find some helpful tips.

As you can see, these tips are not hard at all. You just need to love yourself enough to take care of your aura.