19 Superb Psychological Tips That Will Improve Our Life

19 Superb Psychological Tips That Will Improve Our Life

We all want to become stronger, smarter, better, but not all of us look for a not so hard way. And, that is bad because there are ways that will not make us stressed, but will give us positive results.

The following 19 tips may get us to a new level in various areas:

1. Look at the top shelves in a store to find the cheapest products.

2. Put your candles in a freezer for several hours, and when you light them, they will last longer.

3. If you want to check the quality of a printer, print the logo of Google. It has the main colors.

4. Scientists revealed that people who ate faster gained more than 4lb in one month. On the other hand, those who ate slowly gained just 1.5lb in a month. So, eat slowly.

5. When you want to visit a ZOO, put on clothes with the colors that the employees wear. In this way, the animals will not be scared and will not hide from you.

6. To improve your mood, take one banana at breakfast. It will help you deal with negative emotions. Also, a banana is famous as the “fruit of happiness.”

7. Drink coffee before working out. It will increase your metabolism and improve the process of burning fat.

8. Next time when mosquito bites you, put a heated spoon on the spot. This will stop the reaction and will reduce the itching.

9. When you are in a situation in which you need to call 911, tell them the location at first. They will send help before the end of the call.

10. If you like napping during the day, that is good. Naps better the memory and lower the risk of cardiovascular illness. However, sleeping more than 9 hours will cause a disturbance in your immune system.

11. According to scientists, watermelon has an impact on the blood vessels, and it is similar to Viagra. The blood vessels dilate and relax.

12. Next time you workout, listen to music because it will help you lift weight for 15% more than regularly.

13. Cannot remember something? Clench your fists! It will improve the activity of the brain and better memory recall.

14. Use your hand which is not dominant to, for instance, brush your teeth. This will cause your brain to work differently, and will better the capability to deal with various types of tasks.

15. This one is funny! If you are in a situation in which little, noisy, and naughty kids are all around you, and you have no idea how to act, just imagine them as small drunk men.

16. You can become calmer, happier, and relaxed by turning to volume up while listening to music.

17. If you want to burn calories while sleeping, drink green tea before bed. This tea improves metabolism. But, be careful it contains caffeine, and it may cause you trouble in falling asleep.

18. If you have difficulty falling asleep here is a solution. Take a breath through your nose while counting to 4. Hold your breathing till you count to 7. Then, breathe out while counting to 8. Repeat this 4-7-8 breathing exercise 4 times.

19. When you are feeling anxious, try consuming fat-free yogurt or 2 spoons of nuts. These foods have amino acids, and they may calm you down.


1. Do you want to know how a person feels about you? Well, you can know by reading their body language.

If their arms and legs are crossed, they are in a defensive state and skepticism.

If they are in an “open pose,” they express a positive attitude towards you and your conversation.

2. If you want to get more information out of someone, keep eye contact, and be quiet. They will say more and will get rid of the awkward situation.

3. You are able to convince someone to agree with you by doing this psychological trick. Nod while you speak.

This will have an impact on the subconscious mind of the listener, and the agreement is more likely to happen.

You can do this even when you are asking for a raise at work.

4. Want to build trust and comfort in people? You can do it by imitating their body language. But, be careful not to exaggerate. You know, adding too much salt to the food can spoil it.

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