21 Things That are an Absolute Turn Off for Men

21 Things That Are an Absolute Turn Off for Men

Most women make a mistake when they think that a cute dress is everything they need for a man to get interested in them. In a way, that is a superficial view of men. One thing is certain; looks aren’t everything.

And you should know that there are a couple of things which can turn a man off, even if you are good looking and highly attractive woman. Let’s make things clear; there is nothing bad with taking care of yourself and putting effort into your appearance.

However, you should know that looks aren’t enough for you to drive a man crazy. As a matter of fact, you may be surprised which things can turn a man off.

21 Things Which Instantly Turn a Man Off

#1 When you don’t realize your own value.

#2 When you only talk about yourself, or gossip about your friends or family.

#3 When you make fun of the things he likes or enjoys, such as cheesy movies and jazz music.

#4 When you try to give him ultimatums since things do not go as you want, or when you cannot get what you want.

#5  When you refuse to talk when you have problems, and all you do is use phrases such as “I’m OK” and “I’m fine.”

#6 When you use every single occasion to belittle him in front of your family or friends.

#7 When you do not even try to get along with his close friends or family.

#8 When you define your happiness by how much things cost.

#9 When you continuously look at other guys and do not acknowledge what you have in front of you.

#10 When you argue with him about every little thing.

#11 When you seem disinterested during your dates by repeatedly looking at your mobile phone.

#12 When you refuse to give him space.

#13 When you’re jealous of other women.

#14 When you say that you are a good sport, yet you are acting like a child when you lose.

#15 When you cannot talk to him about important stuff, and you avoid doing that.

#16 When you are kind to your or his friends, but then you say bad things about them behind their back.

#17 When a woman has bad breath or poor hygiene.

#18 When you only focus on the negative things in life and ignore the positive ones.

#19 When you do not set goals for yourself or do better in life.

#20 When you compare him to your exes.

#21 When you believe that relationships are based on tactics and manipulations.