16 Things Our Successful Friends Have Given Up

16 Things Successful People Just DON'T Do

When we think about our successful friends and our not-so-successful friends, we realize the things they do in order to be the way they are. But, if someone doesn’t have any successful friends, then they will learn a few tips.

First of all, successful people have a different opinion, they think in a different way, they talk in a different way and work a lot harder than losers. Some may think that success is something hard, but that is not the case.

In fact, it is very easy to be successful, but you need to learn and model from the right individuals. You should not pay attention to your loser friends because they tell you nothing but lies.

These people will tell you things like “You cannot do it,” “This is too hard,” or “It has no meaning.” So, you should listen to the successful people in your life. Here are the things that successful people have given up.

1. They Cannot Change the World

People who are successful strongly believe that success is not about education, the place where you are born, how much money you have, etc. They believe that success is about strongly believing that you are the one that can change the world.

Every person on this planet is capable of doing something amazing. We need to have self-confidence, and we do not need people to confirm that we are strong, worthy, and great.

Successful people in your life believe in themselves, and they are aware they can be a part of something magnificent.

2. Luck

You need to realize that luck is a myth. Successful people have given up believing there is luck, and they decided to believe in hustle.

Get ready, get up, and make your dreams a reality. It is never the right time to do anything, so stop waiting for it. Your success is in your hands. Your mind is capable of making you rich and happy, not a lottery.

3. Numbing Pain

People who are successful, have decided to find out what is causing their pain instead of neglecting it. Instead of sitting in some pub and getting drunk, or eating a lot of unhealthy foods to feel better, you should get up and chase life.

Successful people do not forget about their failures; they try to learn from them!

4. Negative People

This one is important! Successful people do not waste their time o negative people, they have given up on them. They do not like listening to people who have no idea what they are talking about.

They just stay away from them. However, a successful person decides to hang out with a negative person only when they want to change their life, and they need help.

Successful people like helping others. You should find out on your own how the world should look; you should not listen to negative people.

5. Wasting Time

Successful people in your life do not like procrastinating things. They know they are capable of achieving success, so they start working on that.

They know that life is short, and they decide to value and use every second of it. These people want to be proud of themselves and their achievements. Also, they want to make a change in this world.

6. Only Consuming

Watching videos on YouTube every day is not helpful, and your successful friends are aware of it. Instead of just consuming, they go for action. You should find time for consuming, but also time for creating.

7. Selfishness

Successful people have given up their selfishness. They care about their family, vision as well as goals more than anything else. They like to serve and five others. They know that they are not the center of the world.

8. Wasting Money

Money is what makes these people very different. Successful people do not forget to give money to others, even when they do not have a lot to give. Giving money makes you richer.

9. Not Believing in People

You need people in your life to be successful. You cannot do everything alone. Successful people believe in others, and they choose their team wisely. They are capable of seeing talent and like to help people become even greater.

Those who are successful want more successful leaders in this world; they do not want to be alone. They are capable of seeing the light among imperfections, and they believe that each person can be successful.

10. Negative Thoughts

Successful people have given up on their negative thoughts. They work on not focusing their mind on negativity. They do whatever it takes to let the negative thoughts just pass by; they do not let them take over their life.

They just observe their thoughts and focus on the positive ones.

11. Bullsh*t

Those who are successful have decided to give up on bullsh*t. They decide to not pay attention to things that do not serve them such as the news. If you want to be successful, you cannot let meaningless things stand in your way towards success.

You should not put up with your own bullsh*t and other people’s bullsh*t if you want to be the one who achieves success. Make sure for your changes to be for the better.

12. Stuck in Failure

People who are successful do not let their failures be a burden on their ways to success. Instead, failures serve successful people as lessons. In fact, failures serve as education, not a negative experience.

13. Being Single

People who are successful know that being single is not a good thing. They know that having a partner means having support throughout their whole life. However, they would not choose just whoever as a partner.

They need a good person to spend their lives with. Love is what makes everything worthwhile. They do not avoid love; they want to find love and make everything work.

Maybe while you are young, you feel cool about being single, but when you are an old person watching happy couples, is not that good. You should never forget about love.

14. Wearing a Mask

Successful people, except politicians, have decided to take off their mass. They like being vulnerable, and they do not mind sharing the most personal stories. These people choose to be just the way they are, they do not believe in wearing masks.

15. Other People’s Opinions

Those who are successful do not care about what other people think of them. They just do not waste their time and energy trying to impress others. That is why they do not feel fear and always go for what they want.

16. Giving Up

Successful people have given up on giving up. They are not people who like quitting. They are strong and they decide to go through anything in order to be successful.

They know that nothing in life comes easy, and giving up is never an option for them. Losing is never on their list, so they would do anything in order to achieve their goals.

As you can see, if you want to be one of those successful people, you need to follow their way of life. And, besides reading articles like this one, you need to get up and work in order to achieve success!