7 Things We Should Only Keep to Ourselves According to The Hindu Philosophy

7 Things We Should Only Keep to Ourselves According To The Hindu Philosophy

Around 2000 years ago the Roman philosopher Seneca said: “If someone wants their secret to be saved, they should save it themselves.” Sometimes, is not about keeping secrets but about keeping specific personal things to ourselves which are not preferable to tell.

The sages of India based their philosophy on reflections on problems that have to do with things should we not tell and with our inner being. When it comes to Hindu Philosophy, the fundamental aspect is its practical nature.

Even from its creation, the thought of the Hindu sages was focused on solving the fundamental issues of life. Wisdom is born due to the attempt to have a better life.

Below you will see 7 aspects of each person’s life that according to Hindu Philosophy should stay secret.

#7 Things You Should Never Reveal

#1 Don’t Reveal Your Family Issues

Everything which happens in the family must stay there. Although you might see sharing your family issues as a way of relief, sharing personal issues with a few people makes the image that they are more than they actually are.

And this is something that you cannot take back. Bear in mind that other people may not see your issues as they are and yes they will make certain judgments without knowing the issue in depth.

This is not good for you. You should solve your family issues within the home. And these issues should always stay behind closed doors.

#2 Don’t Brag About Your Charitable Acts

Nobody likes a person who boasts of being generous and of having done some act of charity. This is an excellent virtue, and the world needs more generous people. But the best thing you should do is see this as a precious treasure and keep it to yourself.

#3 Don’t Tell Everything You Hear

Of course, you will find yourself in a situation where you hear something. This can happen even if you didn’t want to know that in the first place.

What you should do is try not to take this issue home. Hearing bad and negative news might impact you negatively, and it will only waste your energy.

Remember, taking that negative burden home doesn’t bring anything good.

#4 Keep Your Spiritual Knowledge to Yourself

You should know that spirituality is something that you must keep to yourself since this is believed to be a treasure, which has to do with how people see the world differently.

Everyone might not share their spirituality, their analysis of life, their thoughts, and their ideas. Therefore, you should keep this to yourself in order to avoid being questioned in personal and profound aspects.

#5 Keep Your Projects to Yourself

Remember what you plan on doing in the future, is yours and intimate. There is no such thing as a perfect idea. Therefore everything you choose to do or plan to do in the near future might be sabotaged by envious individuals who resent having no good idea.

Moreover, your plans and projects might be a victim of criticism, or people might look for flaws and defects. The best thing to do would be to finish your projects and then talk about them.

#6 Don’t Reveal Intimacies

There are specific questions that should remain personal. Every person must stay in themselves and also limit themselves to subject themselves to a private and introspective reflection.

Your issues regarding food and sleep are issues that you must keep to yourself. Why? Since there is no point in revealing them.

#7 Keep Your Heroic Acts to Yourself

In case you did an act of heroism, or you had a courageous attitude, there is no need to talk about it to everyone.

If other people saw this, you would get your well-deserved recognition, while if it was something that wasn’t seen you can still get the needed recognition without telling about it.

How? Well, this recognition can be personal, and you can use it for self-admiration. Bear in mind that it is necessary to keep certain things for yourself since that is the only way you can preserve your psychological health.

As a matter of fact, it’s crucial to bear in mind that personal identity is preserved by making certain lines of protection.