Things We Learn from Loving the Wrong Person

Things You Learn from Loving the Wrong Person

All of us have loved and been hurt. But, different people see these experiences differently. We shouldn’t look at the biggest mistake of our life as something bad. Why? Because some people are meant to happen to us.

Some people are meant to come and teach you a few valuable lessons. Do you know who the biggest mistake of your life is? Yes, him, his name came in your head, didn’t it? Or his face simply appeared?

A few months or maybe years, you met him. The person you honestly thought was the love of your life. He touched a part of your soul like no one else before. He made you open your heart. With him, you were who you truly are.

He awoke the best things in you; the world made sense, your heart was alive for the first time, you thought this is it. Tha you are meant to be together; you are meant to stay together forever.

He awoke things deep down your soul that were waiting a long time to be triggered and set free. In your head and your eyes, your love story was the greatest of all time.

But it turned out to be the biggest lie in your life, didn’t it? And it is okay. Surely, you fell for him although he didn’t love you the same way you did.

It was heartbreaking to understand that he never loved you as passionately as you loved him. Yes, it was painful, heartbreaking and it seemed like the end of the world. But you don’t have a reason to hate him.

Yes, you don’t. You should be thankful he happened to you. “Why,” you ask? Well, he, the person you thought was your destiny and the love of your life was actually the most valuable lesson in your life.

You see, school doesn’t teach you about life, people that come in your life do. He was your biggest mistake, but at the same time, he was your greatest teacher. He taught you that it is extremely important to be true to yourself.

When you first met him, he had those dreamy eyes and that astonishing smile; you fell for him without even knowing. But as time passed, you lost all your sight. Now you know why they say that love is blind.

Because you, my dear, you were blind about him. You could sense that there was some change in his actions and behaviors, but you decided to ignore it. You refused to believe the red flags that were everywhere.

Those red flags were just a sign that you should wake up. The thing was that you weren’t true to yourself, you ignored all the red flags. You lied to yourself every single time you saw him, was with him, and when you answered the phone.

You were hoping that everything will turn out fine in the end. You hoped that his feelings for you are as profound and as pure as yours.

But, he helped you learn that some things aren’t worth your time. Even those things you think are the best for you. He didn’t treat you as the person you want to be treated as.

You wasted your youth trying to fix something which was broken. Now you know that those people who don’t cherish and care for you don’t deserve you, your energy and your time.

Your biggest mistake in your life taught you that life is unpredictable, that things you didn’t believe would happen actually happened. You wanted him to notice you, you begged for his attention, and the person who loves you will never put you in such a position.

You never thought that this would happen to you, but it did. You have always said that you would never put yourself in a situation to stay in a relationship where you question your worth and everything.

And somehow this is what happened to you. But now, you know better. You are prepared for everything, and you have the strength and wisdom to deal with some things.

He taught you that no matter what happens, you can, you will, and you can get past it. It was difficult, but you survived. You cried your eyes out. You could swear that you felt something being ripped off your chest.

Your heart was in pain; your soul was fading away. But you moved on. Because you knew that in the end, you need to be your own hero.

Today you are a grown, mature and loving woman who is experienced and wise. Now you know what real love is, you know that if someone really loves you, they will be with you, it is simple.

You see, my dear, your point of view must change, don’t see him as a mistake but as a teacher. In your case, not getting what you want, was the best thing that ever happened to you.