5 Things to Remember When We’re About to Give Up

5 Things To Keep You Going When You're Thinking Of Giving Up

Sometimes in our lives, it happens not to make progress no matter how hard we tried or how optimistic we were. At that moment everything that we have ever done seems wasted, and we totally lose hope in our abilities.

Demotivation and anger are our new “friends.” Since we are in that negative state of mind, we are not motivated, we do not have enthusiasm, and everything we do is ‘half-baked.’ So, as a result, bad things continue to happen.

And, when these things happen to us, we feel lost, and we just want to give everything up. We start thinking that we are not good enough. However, you should know that giving up on things should never be an option.

There are always other options that you can try. There is always something that you have failed to see. So, if you are in some situation in which you are thinking of giving up, you should read on to find out which things you should keep in mind.

1. You Are the One in Control

When something does not happen is you would wish to, then, it is easy to leave the control to the circumstances, to think like there is some unseen force. Anyway, you should remember that the only person in control is you and only you.

It is your choice whether you allow hopelessness and negativity to take over your life, or you will choose to use your power and do something else. When you decide to go for it at least once again, you will see that there is always a way.

2. It is Tougher When You Are About to Succeed

When things are really tough, we usually tend to think of giving up. That happens because when we are farther from our comfort zone, things become more difficult, but we are also getting closer to success.

So, instead of letting difficulties take away your success, you need to be strong and not give up. But, remember, no one ever said that things become easier.

You need to be ready for the worst, and you should know how much you can endure. Sometimes, a little more persistence will get you to achieve your goal.

3. You Always Have a Different Strategy to Use

When we are not able to achieve what we want, sometimes it is because we are using the wrong strategy. And, since we think that we are not good enough, we are doing the same over and over again, and we cannot see that there is something else that we should consider.

We can control ourselves and our actions, but we cannot control the circumstances and the outcomes. And, sometimes all we need to do is change our strategy.

Well, think of your strategies, and maybe you will find something that you should change. Or, you can ask someone who has done something similar, and they may give you guidance. Trying new things will let you know what works and what does not.

4. The Biggest Failure is Giving Up

Even though it sounds like a cliché, it is the reality. When you are trying to succeed in something, there is no wasted effort. Even the obstacles are a step forwards.

It does not make sense just to throw away everything you have went through just because the path is not smooth. When you feel like giving up, you should tell yourself that it is already too late to give up on things. Just get up and move on!

5. Overestimating Your Effort

Usually, the emotional garbage you carry around is harder than your efforts. Most of you spend a lot of time worrying and stressing about the things that failed, and you think like you are trying too hard, but in fact, you are doing nothing.

When you feel like this, make sure to evaluate your progress, and you will see that you have not accomplished a thing. Since both worrying and taking action consumes energy, you should make a choice.

Make sure to have a plan because it will help you stay focused on what really matters. Do not pay attention to negative emotions because they will just keep you farther away from your goal.

Realizing your dreams needs persistence and patience. So, next time when you want to give everything up, think of these five points. Remember, it is your choice!