5 Things That Stand Between Us and Our Success

5 Things That Stand Between Us and Our Success

One of the crucial things for a happy and successful life is remembering that each person gives value to our life! That’s right; even the worst people can teach us a valuable lesson, while the good ones are making our life better.

The point is, our mindset and attitude have a pivotal role in feeling fulfilled in the relationships with people and the different experiences in life, rather than material items.

Your heart and mind must be in balance so that you can thrive and be fulfilled. And, neither one nor 1,000 material possessions can make you feel that way. You can’t thrive through material possessions but through your heart and mind.

However, sometimes there are things in life that don’t let you succeed. In fact, it’s your mindset and attitude that can prevent you from succeeding. But, don’t be too hard on yourself as you are a human being with complex thoughts and emotions.

Instead of blaming yourself for your situation, start trying more hard to improve it.

We’ll explain a few things that could be stopping you from thriving, and once you know them, you can work on yourself to turn things around.

5 Things That Prevent You from Thriving

1. Scarcity Mindset

To have a scarcity mindset it so always feel like you lack something in life. Even though others may depend on you and you try to meet your obligations and responsibilities, this mindset may force you to make shortsighted decisions that will keep you from abundance.

In fact, it can narrow and shorten your time frame so you could end up making impulsive, short-term decisions which will make your situation even more difficult in the future. People in this state are prone to feelings of giving up.

Here are a few ways to help you overcome your scarcity mindset:

  • Start being thankful for everything you have in life
  • Don’t compare yourself to others
  • Stop thinking about everything wrong you may have done
  • Help others more often

2. Feeling You Are Worthless

Although feeling negative emotions about yourself from time to time is normal, as after all, you are a living human being, feeling depressed and worthless for a long time can be a problem.

As long as you feel worthless, you can’t have an abundant mindset. The feelings of worthlessness may be related to your intelligence, attractiveness, achievement, health, etc. But, you must understand that it’s impossible to be worthless!

Every human being is worth an immeasurable amount, especially to their family, friends, and partner.

Here are a few ways you can fight these feelings of worthlessness:

  • Observe your self-critical dialogue
  • Get your emotions out on paper the moment they arise
  • Observe your thoughts without judging them. In this way, you will let them disappear and learn how to cope instead of mope.

3. Judging & Blaming People

We live in a world where our achievements and value status are more important than morality and righteousness. However, no one is perfect – neither you nor those around you. So, stop judging and blaming people just to make you feel better.

This won’t help you at all. On the contrary, it increases the negative feelings towards yourself and others. And, this prevents you from having an abundant mindset. If you find yourself blaming or judging someone, try to smile at that person and greet them.

The chances are that person is a good person who will return your kindness in the same way. In this way, you are on the right track to having an abundant mindset and a fulfilling life.

4. Bad Habits

Although bad habits provide immediate gratification, they keep you from the abundance and lead to a scarcity mindset.

Instead of judging yourself for having bad habits like cursing, smoking, watching too much TV, drinking, or eating a lot of fast food, adopt some new, healthier ones that will make you happy and closer to the life you want for yourself.

5. Trapped Emotions

Going through some emotional trauma can leave you with trapped emotions which will stay in your subconscious. You may not be aware, but those emotions will always affect you as they are difficult to ignore.

They will affect your psyche and prevent you from living a life of fulfillment and abundance. That’s why it’s important to relieve yourself of these harmful emotions you keep for yourself.

An excellent way to handle your emotional trauma is to try the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT treatment. Its purpose is to remove negative emotions, implement positive goals, and reduce food cravings and pain.

Final Words

We hope this article will help you recognize the things that prevent you from having a mindset of fulfillment and abundance. Only then you can start working on the problems and become the person you want to be and live the life you desire.