22 Things That Were Part Of Growing Up In The ’80s That Might Be Illegal Today

22 Things That Were Part Of Growing Up In The '80s That Are Practically Illegal Today (And Some That Actually Are)

“Change” is a small word to describe how the world has changed since the 80s. The continually growing and evolving technology and the Internet have a significant impact on society worldwide.

However, they are not the only ways the world has changed in the last few decades. The 80s were simple but cool. But, some things we used to do back then are now almost illegal. We can even get arrest now for doing the same thing.

Here’s how many things have changes since the 80s.

22 Things Which Are Not the Same

1. Weak Car Safety

In the 80s, the car safety standards were considered as suggestions rather than rules. So, a lot of people ignored them. Some even sit in the middle of the front seat which allowed them to control the radio.

It may sound cool, but it was definitely not safe in case of an accident.

Kids used to sit in the back of the station wagon when going on family road trips.

The seat belts were also an option and not a rule, so these “fun” seating choices were definitely dangerous.

The car seats were also an option as you can see in the image above.

2. Riding in the Back of a Pickup Truck

This was one-of-a-kind experience for people in the 80s. They remember riding in the back of a pickup truck on a bumpy road, feeling the wind in their hair and laughing with their friends. Everyone who lived in the country have done this at least once.

3. Waiting the Parents and Siblings in the Car While They Shop

Back in the days, parents used to leave their kids in the car while they were in the store or just running errands. Even though they were leaving the doors unlocked and the windows rolled down, it wasn’t the best idea. Today, you can get arrest for doing the same thing.

4. Out of Reach

Kids had no mobile phones in the 80s so parents used to ask them if they will return for dinner before they leave the house.

So, the parents didn’t know where they are as the kids were totally out of reach, unless they call from a payphone.

5. Secondhand Smoking

A lot of people in the 80s smoked and they were allowed to do it in every place. They didn’t really think how a secondhand smoke will affect their kid’s health.

In fact, a lot of kids were already smoking so it didn’t matter a lot back then.

6. No Helmets for Biking

Kids in the 80s didn’t use bike helmets, or elbow and knee pads for roller skating. These things were just not a thing then.

But, it didn’t stop them from riding dangerously.

7. Latchkey Kids

Parent used to give house keys to their kids whenever they leave the house. So, they carried the key with them in the school, at their friend’s house, and anywhere they would go. In that way they could get in their home when their parents aren’t.

In fact, a lot of older siblings were taking care of their younger ones while the parents were at work. It was believed that if kids can call 911, they are old enough to take care of their younger siblings.

8. Kids Buying Alcohol and Cigarettes for Parents

If parents couldn’t go to the store for any reason, they sent their kids to buy them some groceries, including alcohol and cigarettes.

Kids usually had a note written from their parents and cash to pay the check. This was completely normal in the 80s.

9. Giving Infants Beer for Fun

It’s the same thing with smoking. People in the 80s were very laid back about giving alcohol to their kids, but only as a joke.

They would give beer to an infant just to see how it reacts and laugh about it. They were not really aware of the effects alcohol can have on kids.

10. Unexpected Guests

Since there were no mobile phones, kids had to go to their friend’s home and knock on their door to call them out to play.

That would be strange today and will probably look like this:

11. Tossing the Bike on Your Friend’s Lawn

People would toss their bike on the lawn of the house they were at, and go inside. In fact, you could see where your friends are gathered by seeing their bikes on some lawn.

Today, however, you would probably lose your bike if you leave it wherever you like.

12. Physical Punishment

When kids in the 80s were misbehaved or disrespectful, they were physically punished by their parents, other family members, and even their teachers. This was considered as a reasonable method of discipline.

13. Drinking and Driving

Even though this was illegal eve in the 80s, people didn’t thing drinking a beer could be a problem when driving.

And, if police caught them, they would make the driver pour the drink, or ask the least drunk person in the car to replace the driver.

14. Littering

Although environmentalism existed in those days, a lot of people didn’t really care about the environment. Only dirty hippies were recycling. For others it was just not important.

15. Peanut Butter for Lunch

The image presents a staple of school lunch. Even though a lot of kids were allergic to peanuts, banning peanuts or other foods causing allergies were not a thing in the 80s.

If you think about it, Epipens appeared in the late 80s, so dealing with an allergy before that was really hard.

16. Waterbeds Were Very Popular

People in the 80s loved waterbeds. They thought they are cool. Today, however, having one will probably make you look weird.

17. Spending Time at Shopping Malls

Teenagers in the 80s used to hang out a lot in shopping malls. Even though they didn’t buy anything, they loved to spend time there with their friends.

18. Gender-Specific Classes

Did you know that back in the 80s it was only girls who took Home Economics? This was because schools had gender-specific classes, the reason why only boys took shop classes.

19. Violence & Nudity in PG Movies

The “Parental Guidance 13” rating occurred in 1984. Movies before this rating used to slip away with a lot violence and nudity.

People understood there’s a difference between “PG” and “R” after watching the the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones, and Gremlins.

20. Fake Wood Was On Everything

Fake wood was really popular in the 80s, so people have it on everything – on walls, electronics, cars, etc. You must admit it was quite a hideous trend, but it didn’t return for a short period.

21. Chickenpox Parties

Another thing that was totally normal in the 80s but crazy now is throwing chicken pox parties. People believed that the only way to avoid worrying about getting chicken pox when older is to get it as soon as possible.

So, when a kid got the symptoms, parents will call every kid who hadn’t got it. “Fun” right?

22. Kids Playing Unsupervised

For parents in the 80s, it was completely normal to let their kids out on the street to play until dark. Something most of us can’t imagine today.

We can definitely say that times have changed. But we survived, and for sure we were careless and had a lot of fun.

As you can see, the times are constantly changing, and that’s completely normal. Have fun in each period of your life and the things that come with it.

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