Why We Should Thank The Person Who Broke Our Heart

Why We Should Thank The Person Who Broke Our Heart

Today, a couple of days before the end of 2018, take some time to reflect on things. We should all take a moment to thank those people who have hurt us this year. Although to some this might seem weird,  it’s actually what we need to do.

You should thank people for treating you as they did. Their behavior towards you showed you the way you don’t want to be treated in life. Also, it made you understand how you want and deserve to be treated in life.

Thanks to these people you understand the way everyone deserved to be treated in life.

The people who hurt you, made you know that you do not deserve someone who will make fun of your flaws and then later say they do it out of love or they are just joking.

Thanks to them now you know that you should be surrounded by people who make you feel good about yourself, people who are going to love you just the way you are. People who won’t make fun of your flaws, but will love you for them.

People who won’t suggest that you need to change or try to change you. Thanks to those people who hurt you, you understood that you do not need people in life who make you cry.

Thanks to them, now you understand that you deserve someone who won’t make you cry but make everything better. Now you understand that you need to be with someone who will do everything possible to put a smile on your face and wipe away your tears.

You should thank those people who were not there for you when you needed them. They showed you that they aren’t there to stay, and you need and want those who stay.

You should thank that lover who cheated on you; now you understand that it was never your fault. You should thank them for leaving you for another person because you dodged a bullet there with that person.

Thank them, because they have saved you from many years of tears and pain. You should thank all those people who didn’t love you because you learned thanks to them how to love yourself.

You should love all your scars because they tell a story that you have survived. You should love your weird toes, your smile, your stretch marks, and your small lips they make you who you are. You should love all your imperfections.

Thank those people who were the worst thing this year, they made you learn that you can stand up for yourself. Thank your ex for teaching you what a toxic relationship is, thanks to your ex you will never enter one again.

Appreciate all the people who broke your heart in a million pieces, because you now can pick the pieces, but you learned that you still love them anyway. Thank your ex because he saved you from you.

Although it was painful, the pain is nothing in comparison to all the things you have learned. You have managed to convert pain into power and become a better person.

So thank them, for making you better and stronger, for showing you what you do not want in life.