People Should Stop Worrying – Where They’re Right Now is Where They’re Supposed to Be

Put an End to Worrying! You Are Where You Should Be.

There are times when we are beating ourselves up about so many things. We’re feeling devastated because we feel like we are not what we wanted to be. No matter how much we try to achieve our goal, we still feel like we aren’t doing enough.

But, is that okay? Will that make us feel better? No. We will not feel better nor do better. So, we need to put an end to wondering, over-thinking, and looking back in the past. Stop thinking and measuring what has succeeded so far.

Just take a break from telling yourself that you are not good enough, or that you have not done anything good. Right now at this moment where you are in the place where you need to be.

There were so many moments, decisions, and actions that led you to where you are. Along the way, there were millions of mistakes, blessings, and thoughts. And that place where you are is good.

There is some unknown reason we continue telling ourselves that we are not good, nor enough. We tell ourselves that we will never reach the wanted position or level.

Although, very often we forget about the fact that everything we do during our journey is important. Also, we forget that our lives will not be easy, we will face many difficulties, ups, and downs.

Even sometimes we will be standing still in the same position and moving. And, this is alright because the place we are in is where we should be. Every one of us is supposed to be defeated, tired, stagnant, even stuck.

Why is that so? It is because every stage is only temporary. Changes are going to happen. We will all experience moments of success, perfection, happiness, and joy. So, as you can see, everything is just a part of our life journey.

Our task is always to remind ourselves that we are fine. Likewise, we need to tell ourselves that we are powerful and capable, that we can endure anything, and that we are good as we are in our flesh and bone.

One of the biggest tasks we need to do is to put an end to telling ourselves that we are failures, that we will not achieve anything, that we are losers. There is nothing to be lost.

We are only becoming more knowledgeable, wise, experienced, and smarter. Whatever we survive is just a lesson on how to survive. Every bump in our lives teaches us about ourselves.

Whenever we feel broken, it is important to know that we are becoming stronger. Step by step we are close to success. So, please put an end to all of your worries. You are not any of those negative things.

In fact, you are a great person who is growing, changing, learning, becoming, and achieving. Now, where are you? Well, that is the place you are supposed to be. Gain trust at the moment. Even more important is to have trust in yourself.

You are a great, incredible, and strong person.

Source: Thought Catalog