Should We Smudge Our Home?

Science Says You Should Smudge Your Home, Here’s Why

For medicinal as well as spiritual uses, people use smudging by burning herbs and resins. It was performed for hundreds of years in order to clear away and heal any spiritual or emotional negativity in the home.

Even though there are a lot of people who see smudging as something that is not needed, studies say that medicinal smoke can be an antiseptic that can remove about 94 percent of the bacteria in the air in just 24 hours (1).

Why Does it Help?

Damaging positive ions often block the electromagnetic field and the aura around the body. The ions and the negative energy make us feel exhausted, sluggish, and burnt out.

Burning sage or some other herb helps us neutralize the positive charge, and a bigger number of negative ions will be cleared away. So, the energy around us starts to feel freer and lighter.

You have hard “you could’ve cut the tension using a knife” when telling a story about a fight or an argument. However, that is not only a saying. When there is stress, anger, and tension in a room, positive ions can build up.

So, when the ions are set free, the energy becomes stagnant. Burning sage or herbs turn the positive into negative ions, and it purifies and cleanses the atmosphere.

Using Sage to Smudge Your Home

You can find a bundled white safe in most of the local herb and health stores. This one is the easiest to smudge. Also, you can find it online. Before you start burning the sage, concentrate on the negative energy you want to remove.

Light the sage, and if there is a flame, blow it out gently to get a smoky trail. And, keep in mind that the smoke, not the flame will remove the energy. While performing the ritual it is okay to relight the bundle.

Before you smudge the room, you should smudge yourself, and do it by waving the white safe around you. Start low on the ground by your feet, and go above your head.

Then, go from one to another room. And, when you feel the need to stay longer in some room, you should stay. Do not hurry. Sometimes you may need an hour of burning the sage in order to feel the effects.

If you do not want to go around for an hour, you can buy a sage holder. Many professionals say that burning sage is the best when the season changes and at the start of a new week.

While you are cleansing the space, open a door or a window to let the smoke pass through. Even though it may look intimidating to some people, or complicated and unsafe, you should it is not true.

It is easy and safe to perform, and it is a sacred and ancient ceremony, so do it in a slow and mindful manner with full awareness. Keep in mind that even the happiest homes can gather negative energy, so smudging your homes a few times per year is good.