10 Things A Smart Person Would Never Tolerate

10 Things A Smart Person Would Never Tolerate

Are we tolerating far more things than we should? Well, some people choose not to. They know what they deserve in life so they won’t settle for anything less. But, there are people who deal with certain behaviors and people they can’t stand.

And, they do it on a daily basis. But, is it worth putting up with things we don’t want to?

Smart people know that they shouldn’t waste their precious time on things that don’t matter to them. And, they won’t certainly tolerate people who are not treating them right.

So, here’s what they can’t tolerate.

10 Things Smart People Don’t Tolerate

1. Need for Approval

Smart people know that they can love and care about people without pleasing them in any way just to make them happy. Therefore, they are not afraid to make a decision that’s not convenient for others.  Simply put, they don’t feel the need for approval to do what they want.

2. Negative Self-Talk

Everyone can think negatively about themselves from time to time, and that’s normal. But, smart people try to change their own mindset by utilizing positive thinking.

3. Toxic Friends

Smart people don’t let anyone bring them down, including their friends. They know that friends are supposed to cheer you up and support you instead of putting you down and making you depressed. That’s why they cut toxic people out of their life.

4. Staying Stuck

People with strong personalities make plans and use everything they can to get out of a bad situation. They never play the victim but take the matter into their own hands.

5. Following the Crowd

These people listen to their own voice to make a decision instead of following the crowd. They can’t stand doing something just because everyone thinks it’s the right thing to do.

6. Working a Job They Hate

People with strong personalities want a job that will satisfy their soul. They would rather work a low paying job they love than spending all those hours doing something that drains them mentally, even if it pays well.

7. Letting Money Control Them

Smart people don’t let money control their thoughts, so they don’t live outside of their means. They know you need money to survive, but not at the cost of integrity.

8. Not Taking Care of Themselves

Smart people care about their health as they know it’s their greatest asset. That’s why they don’t bother to get a bit earlier to make a healthy breakfast or go to the gym after a long day.

9. Trying to Make Everyone Agree with Them

Smart people know that there are people who support their ideas and opinions, and others who don’t, and that’s completely fine for them. They neither want nor expect everyone to agree with them, so they don’t bother to explain themselves to these people.

10. Being Lazy

You have to work hard to see results, and smart people know that. That’s why they can’t afford to be lazy in a world full of responsibilities and challenges.


These are just some of the things smart people don’t tolerate, showing that they respect themselves, their values, and their opinion.  They don’t allow anyone to walk all over them, but they do show kindness to everyone who deserves it.