Life Lesson for Husbands Who Lie to Their Wives

Life Lesson for Husbands Who Lie to Their Wives

Women are so powerful, strong, beautiful, and incredible, yet they are still underestimated. A lot of men don’t understand that women are highly sharp-minded and that they all have a strong intuition. That’s just in their nature and they can’t help it.

Women love men and respect them, but there is one thing that men should never do, and that is, lying to them.

So, dear men, no matter how bright you think you are and skillful at lying, we women will always find out the truth.

Remember, honesty is the best policy. Below you will read a story about one man and how he learned the hard way that he should never lie to a woman, especially his woman. Ready? Let’s go!

Why You Should Never Lie to Your Woman

It was Monday, a typical Monday as a matter of fact. The wife got a call; it was her husband, he asked her:

“My love, I have been asked to go fishing in Texas with my boss and a few colleagues for 7 days. I think that this is a good chance for me to get the promotion we talked about. So, can you please pack clothes for one week, and yes, set out my fishing box and rod.

The thing is that we are leaving from the office and I will just swing by home to get my things. And yes, can you pack my new blue silk pajamas? Thank you for understanding, love!”

His wife noticed that something in her husband’s story wasn’t right, but she did what he told her, she packed his things.

After 7 days, the husband returned home. He looked tired and exhausted, but he was happy, and he told her that it was a good move going on this fishing trip in Texas.

His wife asked him questions about the whole weekend, the colleagues, his boss, and the fish.

The husband cleverly answered and said that they had caught a lot of fish, a couple of Swordfish, bluegill, and salmon.

While talking about his trip with excitement, he asked her: “Darling, I didn’t see my blue silk pajamas, did you forget to pack them?”

The wife smiled and answered: “No, dear, they are in your fishing box.”