15 Signs Someone is Disrespecting Themselves (and How to Stop)

15 Signs You Don't Respect Yourself and Ways to Fix it

Respect is something we expect to receive from people, but the real question is – do we respect ourselves?

Many people don’t even realize they don’t respect themselves. That is why we made a list of the following signs that will help people realize if they are disrespecting the person they look in the mirror.

Here are the major signs of personal disrespect.

1. You Punish Yourself for Failing

Whenever something bad happens in your life, you quickly start blaming yourself. In addition, you degrade yourself and hate not being able to live up to expectations. Where people see lessons to learn, you see failure.

Moreover, you regularly punish yourself for the simplest mistake you made, and you hate showing kindness. Plus, you believe more in luck rather than your own ability.

2. You Need Approval

You seek approval and validation from other people constantly. Whether it is about your feelings, looks, actions, or beliefs, you are always worried if you get approval from other people.

Moreover, it is very difficult for you to make decisions without relying on other people to guide you. Your friend’s opinions matter the most to you. As a result, they can easily change your mind.

3. You Talk Badly About Yourself

You never appreciate or acknowledge your skills, gifts, and talents. You never feel pride whenever you accomplish something. Furthermore, you regularly ‘bad-mouth’ yourself in front of others and put yourself down.

As a result, you strongly believe in these illusions that you created.

4. Keep Emotions Bottled Up

Whenever someone hurts you emotionally or physically, there is a good chance that you will not stand up for yourself. Instead, you will keep all the emotions bottled up because you feel as you deserve the punishment.

Maybe, you believe that there is no way you can control the situation or you are not strong enough to deal with it. Whatever the case, you should try to stand up for yourself and say whatever is on your mind.

5. You Feel Guilty About Listening to Your Heart

You never listen to your heart because you are afraid of whatever might happen. As a result, you let pessimistic and rational thoughts control the way you live and act. That is why you often feel discomfort and pain.

6. You Blame Yourself

You blame yourself for things that you couldn’t control. Sometimes you think you could have done more or done things differently. In the end, you blame yourself for failing to do something to help.

Moreover, you strongly believe that you are the reason behind the disaster. That is why you quickly forgive others for failing, but never forgive yourself.

7. You Envy Others

You are never grateful for what you already have. Instead, you envy what other people possess, and you strongly want to be like them. Furthermore, you never acknowledge the good things in life, the wonderful experiences, or emotions that could bring you joy.

8. You Ignore Your True Feelings

You willingly choose to ignore your intuition and want to avoid conflict at all times. As a result, you never express your true feelings out of fear of conflict.

9. You Don’t Believe in Yourself

You firmly believe that you are not capable of achieving anything. In addition, you repress your true nature and fill yourself with doubt. This way you can never realize your true potential.

So, instead of hiding yourself, try to stand up and proudly act the way you want to.

10. You Try to Please Others

You will do anything to please the people around you. You want them to shower you with praise and make you happy. However, this doesn’t help you become more respected in the eyes of your friends. Instead, it decreases your true value of how they see you.

11. You Put on an Act

You always hide your true self in front of others. Furthermore, you act the way you believe that people will consider acceptable. Plus, you want to be loved by society. In fact, you are ashamed of yourself and your true nature.

That is why you rarely show who you really are in front of your close friends and family.

12. Your Friends Don’t Respect You

You find it easier to spend time with people who disrespect you. In fact, you find it more interesting to spend time with manipulators, cheaters, and liars. You let them take over you and control you by doing disrespectful things in front of others.

This is something you should definitely change. Remember, the true friendship requires mutual respect.

13. You Are Judgmental

Not only are you envious and jealous, but you are also judgmental. You judge other people by the way they act, think, or simply live. You simply love gossiping about people.

14. You Don’t Try to Change Your Status Quo

Your fake act of being happy doesn’t last long, but you don’t intend to change your status quo. You simply can’t imagine living a different way of life because you are afraid of the unknown.

15. Others Are More Important Than You

You put the needs of others ahead of your own.

This shows how kind and helpful you can be. But, that doesn’t mean that you should always be the last in everything. In addition, you spend an enormous amount of energy and money to prioritize the needs of someone else.

Finally, if you found yourself in any of these signs, you should definitely implement some changes in your life. Firstly, start doing things differently and reverse your way of life. Do not be afraid of the unknown and experiment a little.

Also, try to change your friends-circle and meet new people. This way, you will meet someone who will truly respect you.