How to Love Ourselves – A 30 Day Self-Love Challenge

How to Love Yourself In 30 Days - A Self-Love Challenge Like You Have Never Tried Before

People say it probably takes 21 days to form some sort of habit. As a matter of fact, that is why most programs for exercise regimens, diets, and lifestyle changes last around 30 days.

However, one habit every single person needs to be working on is self-love. But the reality is that many people neglect self-love. Sure, learning how to become your best friend can be hard and definitely challenging.

But just for 30 days, instead of taking care of everyone else, why not take care of ourselves. We deserve that right?

Are you ready to become the best possible version of yourself just by loving yourself? If so, continue reading. Below you will see a 30-day challenge that will make you become your own hero.

30 Day Challenge for 30 Days Self-Love

Day #1 – Buy a Journal

Why a journal? Here you can write down all the steps of this challenge, and you can make sure to follow them, by reading the next step. That is how you won’t fail. Also every day you can write about the things you have done just for yourself.

Day #2 – Buy Flowers but For Yourself

Who doesn’t like a lovely bouquet of flowers? Do not wait for someone to buy flowers for you, buy yourself some! Pick your favorite flowers. If you do not like flowers, then get one DIY herb garden which will be great for your windowsill or kitchen.

Day#3 – Go for a Walk In the Park

The truth is that we do not spend too much time in nature. Most people spend their day indoors behind their computers. Today get outside and enjoy life. Go for a walk, and just enjoy the view.

Day #4 – Drop One Bad Habit

Today you need to change for the better. Therefore you should drop one bad habit. It doesn’t have to be something huge. For instance, you can decide to stop drinking soda or stop being inactive all day long.

Work towards getting rid of this habit in this 30-day challenge.

Day #5 – Make a New Habit, A Good One

The best way to get rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a new one, a good one.

Choose a good habit to replace the bad one. For instance, in case your bad habit is laying around and not being active, then you should replace it with walking for half an hour every day.

Or if your bad habit is consuming soda, you should replace it with drinking enough water. The trick is to try to make your bad and good habits complement each other.

Day #6 – Today You Should Disconnect

The truth is that we are always on our computers or phones. Today, you should disconnect from all electronics.

Tell everyone you are okay and that you will call them tomorrow. Turn off your social media networks, and do something different to occupy your time.

Day #7 – Today Pick Up a New Book

Probably you cannot think of the last time you read a book for your own pleasure. A book that wasn’t about school or work. Choose a book just for yourself and take some time off every day to read at least one chapter.

Day #8 – Rearrange a Room at Your Home

Maybe it is time to rearrange some furniture in one room in order to have a fresh new look.

Day #9 – Buy New Underwear

Get yourself new matching undergarments; in order to love yourself, you must treat yourself.

Day #10 – Get a Haircut

You do not need to spend too much money, just a simple wash, trim, and blow-dry will do the job. One thing is sure it will make your day better, and you will feel better about yourself.

Day #11 – Practice Mindfulness

What is mindfulness? It is about doing your best to be in the moment, instead of worrying about the future or the past. Do a 5-minute meditation, to help you begin. You can find such meditations on YouTube.

Day #12 – Laugh and Share It with Others

There is nothing that will make you feel better than laughter. Watch a good comedy with your friends and enjoy the day.

Day #13 – Get Up and Dance!

Put your favorite music on and dance. Dance as you have your own show, and most importantly enjoy!

Day #14 – Send Flowers to Someone

You bought flowers for yourself, and you made yourself happy. Now, make someone else happy, and you will be satisfied as well.

It doesn’t have to be an occasion, choose a flower and send it to some close friends or family.

Day #15 – Write Down Affirmations

Choose your favorite affirmations and write them down on sticky notes. You should place these sticky notes in a visible place – for instance on your cabinet above the coffee maker or the bathroom mirror.

That is how you will read them every day and fill yourself up with positive thoughts.

Day #16 – Take a Selfie

Take a selfie, but don’t send it. Do it for yourself! Let this be a reminder of how awesome you are.

Day #17 – Pay It Forward

When you go to the drive-through, pay the tab for the person behind you. You will be surprised how much positive reaction this small act of kindness can cause.

Day #18 – Get Some Sun

You should know that sunlight is crucial to the production of Vitamin D in your body, so you should get outside and get some rays of sunshine. Do not spend the whole day indoors.

Day #19 – Choose to Say No

Put yourself first and say no. Do not do things for others just to be kind; it is not selfish, it means you appreciate yourself. You are not obligated to do anything. Do not say yes, when you want to say NO!

Day #20 – Help Someone In Need

No, this doesn’t have to mean that you should give money. You can just offer to carry someone’s bag or open the door for someone. Be the reason that day for which people will start to believe in the good in people again.

Day #21 – Take a Nap

Take a 30-minute power nap, and you will have much more energy after you wake up. Take that nap; you deserve it.

Day #22 – Pet an Animal

If you have a pet, this one will be easy. If not, you can always volunteer at an animal shelter or pet-sit from some friend. It is said that pets can improve their overall well-being and mental health, and the plus is that they will enjoy it.

Day #23 – Compliment a Complete Stranger

Offer a compliment to a stranger, regardless of whether it is a stranger on the way to work or someone on the bus. They will feel good, and you will feel good. Who knows, you might even make a new friend.

Day #24 – Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Today you should do something which scares you. Step outside your comfort zone and get your adrenaline going. You can go skydiving, bungee jumping, drive a race car, or do something you always wanted but you were scared to.

Day #25 – Be Artistic

Do something, even if you do not see yourself as an artistic person. Go to some painting events, choose the one where you can paint and have a glass of wine at the same time. One thing is sure you will have fun.

Day #26 – Pamper Yourself

Make sure everything around you is cozy and comfortable, let this day be just for yourself. Light up a few candles, get your favorite food and drink, and get under that comfy blanket. Watch a show or read a book.

Or just stare through the window, enjoy yourself. You deserve it, my dear.

Day #27 – Take A Nice, Long Bath

This is another way to pamper yourself. Get yourself a good bath bomb, open your favorite bottle of wine and relax in hot water with some great music.

Day #28 – Get Rid and Organize

You need to cut the clutter. You see, clutter can make you less productive throughout the day, so you must do something about it. Organize what you have and get rid of the things you no longer need.

They say if you haven’t used something for a year then you do not need it.

Day #29 – Do Absolutely Nothing

This can be all day long, or at least 30 minutes of your day. Just lay down and do nothing. In that way, you can recharge and feel better about yourself.

Day #30 – Celebrate, Because You Made It!

Congratulations, you have made it through the 30-day challenge of self-love. Take some time to celebrate.

You see, learning to put yourself first and love yourself can be hard, but it isn’t an impossible thing to do.