It’s High Time We Retire from ‘People Pleasing’

It's High Time You Retire From ‘People Pleasing’

What is it that makes us want to please people and not be judged by anyone? Why are we so afraid to live our lives the way we’ve imagined and not how someone else thinks it’s right for us? The truth is, we live in a society full of people-pleasers.

For some reason, each of our decisions is influenced by our desire to be accepted by others and not be judged. The way we talk, wear clothes, work, and live our life is according to some generally accepted social standards.

But, why do we keep on doing this even if we are aware of it?

Even though doing certain things to please the people you love is normal, trying to please everyone all the time is not. In fact, it’s unhealthy for you to suppress your real thoughts and desires just to avoid being judged by anyone.

And, repressing your emotions for a long time can eventually make you frustrated and miserable. Everyone around you will be happy and pleased with you as a person, except for you.

One day you will wake up and realize you are not living the life you want to live. That you haven’t done the things you most wanted, but it’s too late to do them now.

That you are not with the person your heart desired the most, but with someone else that everyone thought was right for you.

It’s high time to stop pleasing others at all costs. It’s time to retire from people-pleasing!

Just think about how different would your life be if you didn’t feel the pressure to conform to society all the time? What person can you become if you could only be who you really are?

It’s time to stop giving others power and control over your own life. It’s time to stop agreeing to something you hate. It’s time to permit yourself to take up space. It’s time to stop being around people you don’t want to hang out with.

It’s time to stop diminishing yourself by comparing yourself to others in society. It’s time to stop letting others cross your boundaries. It’s time to stop being silent just because you are afraid to make a noise and be noticed.

Don’t you feel tired to live your life with the pressure to always conform?

Instead, it’s time to think your own thoughts! It’s time to say ‘no’ more often than you did. It’s time to say ‘yes’ more to the things that really make you happy. It’s time to be only around people who feel good to be around.

Don’t feel guilty if you decide to cut some toxic person out of your life. It’s time to say what you want and wear what you feel most comfortable in.

It’s time to say the words without caring who’s listening!

You were not created to blend in and diminish yourself. You were not created to be someone else’s tool. You have the power over your life! You have an obligation to grow into the person you want.

It’s high time to start defending the power you have in your life!

It’s time to live your life the way you want!