6 Promises to Make to Ourselves Today for a Better & Happier Tomorrow

6 Promises to Make to Ourselves Today for a Better & Happier Tomorrow

We’ve all been there where we decide to drink a green smoothie every morning because it’s healthy, and after a few days we realize we’ve broken the promise. The real question is, do we often break promises to ourselves?

How come we keep promises to people but not those we make to ourselves?

Promises to eat healthily, lose weight,  learn a new language, drink more water – they all get broken too soon. You should realize that the obligations you make for yourself are as important as those you make for others.

If you keep the promises you make to yourself, it’ll mean you care about your needs, wishes, health, and wellbeing. As a result, you’ll see new opportunities and improvements in every area of your life.

Plus, you’ll feel strong and confident in being able to honor your word.

We all do it once in a while, not doing something we’ve said we will do, and come up with hundreds of “reasonable” reasons for our broken promises. But, you must agree that you hate the way it feels.

You feel like you’ve hurt and disrespected yourself every time you do it.

Now that you know how important it is to keep promises to yourself, here are a few that everyone needs to make and keep.

6 Promises to Make to Yourself (and Keep)

1. ”I Will Listen to My Mind and Body when Feeling Stressed”

How do you know when you need rest? Well, you’ll feel fatigued, stressed, and in pain more than usual. If you do some quick stress-relief techniques, such as smelling lavender or another floral scent, you’ll help prevent anxiety and other stress-related complications.

You can also take 20 minutes to exercise, meditate, or just talk to a friend. Promise yourself that you’ll do something like this the next time you feel stressed, and most importantly, stay true to your word.

2. ”I Will Smile More Often”

Give yourself a word that you will smile more often, as smiling improves your mood, confidence, and energy while reducing stress.

If you do this simple thing every day, you’ll improve your relationship with many people, and increase your chance of positive results in many situations.

3. ”I Will Try to Do the Thing I Always Wanted”

Promise yourself that you will go out of your comfort zone, think outside the box, and do something you’ve always wanted but never had the courage to.

That could be a hidden talent, an invention, or even a crazy idea like exploring the world on foot. If you don’t try, you will never know!

4. ”I Will Leave the Past Behind, But Remember the Lesson”

You can always remember your past, but there’s no need to carry it with you. Promise yourself that you will leave it behind, and keep only the lesson.

Lessons and experiences from the past can help you prevent future mistakes and become a stronger person who can deal with any problem life throws at you.

5. ”I Will Do More of What Makes Me Happy”

Promise yourself that you will no longer do something just because others expect you to do that. Stop chasing their happiness and start living the life you want to live. You won’t be happy if you try to satisfy others’ vision for your life.

Remember that it’s ok to satisfy your wishes and desires! Your time has value, so don’t waste it on something you don’t love.

6. ”I Will Accept That Change Is Part of Life”

Changes are normal and necessary in life. People will come and go in your life, and your needs and desires will change from time to time. You may need to accept new challenges or end relationships. But, that’s all normal.

Give yourself a word that you won’t be afraid to make the necessary change in your life! You’ll see, it’ll be better.

Making these six promises to yourself will help you live a happier and more meaningful life. You can write them down and remind yourself to keep them every day if that’s easier for you.