8 Fascinating Ways in Which The World is Changing

Most People Are Not Realizing The Exceptional Change In The World

In the world, there is something exceptional happening and most of us haven’t realized it. When we decide to free ourselves from the chains of fear that kept us locked into the standard-procedure society, we can see the world from a different point of view.

We are able to see that everything is changing, and most people are not aware of that. You probably wonder what is happening, why is the world going through changes.

This article was inspired by Gustavo Tanaka’s article on Wake Up World, and it offers eight reasons why the world is changing. (1)

1. People Cannot Bear the Employment Model Anymore

Those who are working in large companies cannot tolerate their jobs. There are not enough purposes, and that reminds me of despair. Humans want to get out, leave everything behind and just run away.

When you look around yourself, you will see that there are many people who would like to risk entrepreneurship, people who take days off, and there are numerous people suffering from depression caused by work. We are also exhausted, and we are going beyond our limits.

2. Changes in the Entrepreneurship Model

Back in the time, entrepreneurship’s aim was to find someone who would invest so they would get funds. Being able to get funds was like winning a big game such as the Super Bowl or the World Cup.

Then, when you get funded, you go back to being an employee again. Everything turns to be only about the money because you may have brought in those who do not have the same purpose and dream as you.

What makes your business go on is money, and people are suffering. This money-searching has no end, and it destroys even great companies. But, in order to achieve your goal, we need a new way, and people are already at it.

In the past years, many people have made offices out of their garages in order to make their dreams come true, to make their great ideas real.

3. Collaboration More Than Competition

There are so many people that are now aware that if you want to be successful you cannot be alone. Many are now aware that “look for yourself and nobody else” is not working.

And, when you think about it, you realize that we are 7 billion people on this planet, and we have grown apart. It does not make any sense to turn your back to your co-citizens. Luckily, everything is changing.

Sharing and collaboration in the economy are being applied, and there is a new direction of sharing, helping, togetherness, and collaborating. This is what makes the world beautiful.

4. We Are Now Understanding the Power of the Internet

After numerous years, we are now becoming aware of the amazing power that Internet has. With the help of the Internet, we have no barriers, we are no longer separated from the world, and there is togetherness, collaboration, and help.

Arab Spring is an example of how the Internet can be revolutionary. Then, all of those media groups are no longer the owners of information, and now we can read whatever we want, not just what they wanted us to.

We are now able to stay in touch with people easier than ever. The Internet gives voice to people who were once speechless.

5. No More Exaggerated Consumerism

There was a time when we were encouraged to buy everything new on the market, like a new car, phone, clothes, shoes, top brands, etc. Fortunately, when you are trying to be different, you make a change, so this approach is not in the game anymore.

Now, we are beginning to take a slower life, slow food, consumerism, fewer people are using cars, and overspending. Also, there are more people who share cars, assets, flats offices, but used goods, etc.

We are aware that we do not need all of the things they once told us we need. This awareness can take down companies who live on exaggerated consumerism.

6. Healthy and Organic Foods

Before we accepted any kind of food, all we needed was to be tasty. We were carried away, and the companies even began to make our food poisonous. However, there were some people who woke up. They began asking for organic and healthy foods.

And, this leads to a great change. How? If we change the way we think, our eating habits, and our way of consuming, we will make corporations adapt to our needs. Small farmers are again relevant, and there are people who grow seeds and plants in their homes. This is a big change.

7. Spiritual Awakening

When you look around yourself, you can see that many of your friends are practicing yoga and meditation. Even though spirituality was ignored for a long time now the things are changing.

We are now becoming aware that reason and rationality are important. We are becoming aware that there are many ways in which we can treat some diseases in a natural way.

We may even begin to think about how all of this is possible. There are so many schools and companies that are implementing meditation.

8. Changes in the Education

Have you ever wondered who developed the teaching model, the classes the kids take, the lessons they need to learn, why they need to wear uniforms, why should they be silent when they watch something?

This model breeds ordinary people. But, luckily, there are many people that are willing to and are working on changing this. There is hack-schooling un-schooling, as well as home-schooling.

Although the world may seem like it is getting worse, if you think about these things, you can see that the world is changing. People are beginning to realize that it is not good to live in a society like this one. But, we are happy to know that people are actually waking up.