A 90-Year-Old Woman Shares 45 Life Lessons Everyone Should Read!

A 90-Year-Old Woman Shares These 45 Life Lessons Everyone Should Read!

We cannot avoid aging, but we avoid becoming sad because of our age. In fact, the elder we are, the wise we become. One woman at the age of 90, made a list of 45 lessons about life that everyone can find useful.

1. Even though life is not nice and smooth all the time, it is still good to be alive.

2. You need to slow down.

3. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up.

4. Remember that the future holds something good.

5. Being envious is a total waste of time, be happy with what you have.

6. It is not nice growing old, but it is nicer than dying young.

7. If you have put your problems aside for the sake of other people’s problems, you need to go back to yours.

8. Go outside every day.

9. Remember that your children are children only once.

10. Always keep in mind that time heals everything.

11. Do not analyze life.

12. Do not think of yourself very seriously.

13. Everything changes no matter how bad or good it is.

14. Do not care about other people’s opinions about you.

15. The thing that matters the most is to be loved.

16. Forgive, but do not forget.

17. When you are in doubt, take the following step.

18. No matter what is going on, always choose life.

19. Whenever something bad happens to you, ask yourself whether that will be important after five years.

20. Calm yourself by inhaling deeply.

21. Your happiness depends on you.

22. Your brain is the most important productive organ.

23. Be different.

24. Never save anything for special occasions. Wear whatever you want, dress up in your attractive lingerie, light the candles, and use that pretty sheets. Every day is special.

25. Concentrate on things that are meaningful to you.

26. It is never too late for happiness.

27. Things that will not take your life away will make you a stronger person.

28. Remove everything you do not find useful.

29. Never purchase things you do not need.

30. Have faith that miracles do exist.

31. Everything changes every second.

32. Never involve in secret relationships.

33. When you cry with someone else is better than crying by yourself.

34. Be original. Do not compare your life to others’ lives.

35. Do not hide your tears from your children.

36. You should never let your past interfere with your present.

37. It is pointless to reject things like chocolate.

38. Make sure to save for thing that is important.

39. Life is too short; you need to enjoy it.

40. Feel free to be mad at God.

41. Do not try to win each argument.

42. Remember that your job will not take care of you when you are sick, but friends and family will.

43. God loves you no matter what you do or do not do.

44. Always be ready, but make sure to be relaxed.

45. Do not wait for the perfect moment to wear something unique.

We hope that you liked these 45 lessons. Now, go and live your life and maybe you will be the one who will write more life lessons based on experiences.