Are People Who Wear Colorful Socks Really More Brilliant, Creative and Successful?

Wearing Colorful Socks Could Mean You're More Brilliant and Successful

Are socks just a necessity for us, or they are a way to express our creativity, personality, and individuality? Believe it or not, our socks can tell a lot about our character.

In fact, a recent study shows that the color of our socks can say a lot about us, as well as how people see us.

The black, white, or grey socks are our first choice if we see them as a necessity. On the other hand, the crazy, colorful socks indicate something else.

A Surprising Chance to Show Huge Potential

A lot of people live a world of conformity where they try to be part of the pack by the way they dress, speak, and act.

Not conforming to the norms of society could often mark people as weird and strange, so they often dismiss the unfamiliar. Nevertheless, socks are a whole new ball game. They are lurking at the bottom of people’s trousers, secretive and unassuming.

Even though socks are not a prominent piece of clothing, they can show a glimpse of individuality to those who notice.

What Do Colorful Socks Say About People

The Journal of Consumer Research published a study that analyzed the theory that nonconformists could be seen as more competent and with a higher status than people who conform to social norms.

Therefore, wearing rainbow-striped, bright neon, or leopard-print socks could mean you’re viewed as having a higher competency and status than others. To put it simply, others may see you as more creative, brilliant, and successful.

Anat Keinan, Francesca Gino, and Silvia Bellezza from Harvard University, the authors of the study, gave the following statement:

We proposed that, under certain conditions, nonconforming behaviours can be more beneficial to someone than simply trying to fit in. In other words, when it looks deliberate, a person can appear to have a higher status and sense of competency.

Just imagine a businessman all dressed up in a smart, costly suit with his bright pink socks lurking at the bottom of his trousers. Even though it’s strange, the bold choice will show him to be rebellious and proud.

The Perception

Research conducted by the social psychologist of Northwestern University Dr. Adam Galinsky shows that wearing socks with crazy colors and whacky patterns is indicating embodied cognition – a unique concept that explains how choosing what to wear affects the cognitive processes.

He analyzed how people feel, think, and act towards their choice of socks. What he discovered was that people love to show their confidence and uniqueness by their selection of socks. This, in turn, increases their happiness.

Therefore, instead of wearing those boring black or white socks, get yourself into the limelight and give the world a glimpse of your emotions, feelings, beliefs, and personality by wearing crazy, flamboyant socks.

Besides giving the world an insight into your unique, nonconforming personality, you’ll be seen as more brilliant and successful.

What is the color and pattern of the socks you’re wearing now? If it’s the standard black, white, or blue, it’s maybe time to buy more colorful socks, don’t you think?