A Night Owl? Here is How People Can Build Their Own Moon Garden!

Are You a Night Owl? Here is How You Can Build Your Own Miraculous Moon Garden!

We have great news for those people who consider themselves as night owls. Those people should know that they can make their own miraculous moon garden? Having a garden people can take care of at night is an amazing way to feel the benefits of nature.

Also, planting these beauties next to our home can make us feel their aromatic smell when we are asleep, just by keeping the windows open.

And, a lot of the moon plants are white which makes them glow in the moonlight. Planting the beauties in a circle brings the moon in our yard when they bloom.

We can plant silver-foliaged day plants with many plants that blossom at night.

Which Plants Bloom at Night?

We suppose you got interested in these enchanting plants, so we offer you a list of night-blooming beauties, and you can make a choice.

1. Evening Primrose – This is a lasting plant that spreads quickly, and it covers a lot of space. It has pinkish-white flowers that open at nightfall. The amazing aroma spreads all around.

2. Night Phlox – This plant blossoms at nightfall, and it has an enchanting smell of honey and vanilla.

3. Night Gladiolus – Even though it is not a night plant, its amazing scent is the strongest during nightfall. It has creamy yellow flowers.

4. Moonflower – The name itself says that this plant blossoms at night, and on daytime, its flowers are shut. During the night it gives off a lemony aroma. Its opened flowers can be 5-6 feet in diameter. There are some species of this plant that can be up to 8 feet long.

5. Angel’s Trumpet – This plant spreads VERY quickly. Its flowers have a metallic look.

6. Evening Stock – Although its little pink and purple flowers are not elegant, they have a nice aroma at night.

Below you can see a video of the astonishing moonflower in timelapse.

If you want to make an even more beautiful garden, you can plant some silver and white plants that bloom at daytime, such as silver sage, lamb’s ears, Artemesia, Alba eggplants, baby boo, Lumina pumpkins, dusty millers, and silver thyme.

Likewise, here are several flowers and herbs that have a connection with the moon: willow, sleepwort, camphor, gardenia, eucalyptus, jasmine, water lily, moonwort, and sandalwood.

The Things You Can Do With Moon Plants

By having a garden full of plants that blossom at night, you have so many possibilities. You can pick up the flowers, dry them, and then, you can use them for charms or talismans. Do you want to make a Moon Candle?

Use the dry flowers as a decoration. Or, you can use them for a cleansing bath. Also, you can use the flowers for aromatherapy to boost your wisdom and intuition. Below is a video that offers information about white flowers.

Note: Beware to inform yourself about the toxicity of some plants before you decide to build a garden.